How to place the cot according to Feng Shui

You are in love with Feng Shui and the truth is that you would like to know how to make a child’s room more Feng Shui. Well, at Decopeques we have already told you some interesting points about this philosophy and the world of children. Nowadays it seems appropriate to focus on rest, and before that in bed. Yes, the bed is the most important element of a bedroom, including the nursery. Therefore, it is interesting to know what this philosophy says about the placement of the bed in a children’s room.

The ideal position of the bed according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not as strict as many think. But maybe a little more about the bed. Logically, the bed is the place where we relax and spend the day to regain our strength. Our little ones waste a lot of energy, so for Feng Shui it is essential that they rest well.

In children’s rooms, the placement of the bed relative to the door has priority. The most relaxed position, which will make our children more comfortable, is to position the bed so that they can operate the door, but without looking at it.

If we dig a little deeper into this, we could understand that the rest of a child is very dependent on these doors. The little ones are usually afraid of being surprised while they are sleeping, that someone might come in and surprise them right from the front. It’s not the same if the door is on one side, the view is lower and so is the impact.

Another curiosity is also that children may be afraid to see light through the closed door. If the bed is in a position where this light is not directly visible, the better.

Be careful, as Feng Shui does not recommend placing the headboard on the same wall as the door at all. In this case, it would be much better to use, for example, a cabinet that would cover direct view.

The Headboard and Feng Shui

As for children’s headboards, as in the case of adults, Feng Shui is clear. Our most powerful energy point is in our head, so it’s vital that we know how to protect it at all costs. The headboard is a necessary element, but it must rest on a solid surface, that is, on a wall.

For example, placing a bed in the middle of the room would not be appropriate and would make our most powerful energy point very vulnerable; and it is that we would have a transit area behind. In addition, the little ones would be more exposed psychologically as they would not have a full field of view of the room while lying down. The rest would be less.

Bed and headboard material

As for the materials, having a small idea or idea about Feng Shui, we will guess that this philosophy is most interested in natural materials. For Feng Shui, it is not good for us if a material cannot return to Earth without causing damage. That is why we always choose beds and headboards that are 100% natural, ecologically and biodegradable.

Wood is one of the most interesting materials. In its natural state almost better, without the need for lacquers. In addition, if we feel like it, we can also incorporate some textiles into the headboard. There’s no problem with it. Let’s just avoid plastic and other materials that, moreover, may not be the most suitable for a child’s room.

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