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More inspiration to enjoy with children’s rooms with a Scandinavian aesthetic. We know that Scandinavian style gets addictive because we are totally addicted to it, and every time we see something amazing, one of those spaces that we would love for our little ones, we have to share it. This time they are Nati Nati children’s rooms, very beautiful, serene and natural style

Black and white tones with small color accents form the basis for a good Nordic touch. But also minimalist design furniture, with wood in its natural shade or in pure white, and you can see that in these children’s rooms. This simplicity also helps them enjoy their space morebecause it gives them a lot of wings to imagine and play.
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The beds and cribs that have such a distinctly Scandinavian style stand out for those basic silhouettes, with very simple shapes, as if they were made by hand in the most natural way. There is a back to the simple, where quality and design are important† This space is perfect for the little ones, and the textiles add that part of softness and fun. They are really fantastic, with childish designs that are always fun. Of course, such original children’s textiles can give a lot of freshness to children’s environments.

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As you can see, changing a few details in a room as natural as this one can achieve very different effects. The good thing about Scandinavian environments is that: allows many combinations with textiles and other details such as children’s prints or streamers. These small changes can make a big difference when it comes to decorating the nursery, but we should always have a foundation that is just as perfect and delicate as that of these environments, with furniture that stands out for its design. Have you already become a fan of the Scandinavian style?

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