IKEA furniture plus Montessori

It’s not the first time we tell you about the Montessori method. It won’t be the last either; and it is that there are many parents who have this kind of education and those who ask us to publish more material about this world. Today we focus on IKEA† and it’s that the Montessori material doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, of course not. In companies as affordable as IKEA, there are many things that can be useful to us that we are going to show you.

IKEA and Montessori

We always like to remember, for new parents, what this Montessori is. It is a method characterized by giving priority to the autonomy of the child. In this way it is important that the environments are prepared. Orderly, simple places with objects adapted to the size of the little ones.

The environment is very important, as it promotes the child’s independence in research and learning. It is clear that this is central in the school environment, but also at home; and it is that the little ones spend a lot of time in it. So it’s not uncommon for families interested in Montessori to want to create kid-friendly spaces in their own homes. Come on, it’s not uncommon and it’s highly recommended. IKEA has many series of furniture and accessories that can come in handy for this. Objects that meet the four requirements of the Montessori method: being safe for the child, promoting independence, making the child feel like part of the family and having a natural material that promotes concentration.

The FLISAT Series

One of our favorite series from IKEA regarding the Montessori method is without a doubt the Series FLISAT† It is a collection of children’s furniture in carved solid pine wood, so the material is perfect. They are traditional and user-friendly designs that allow children to manage themselves.

For example, it has a small book display, at the height of your children, to be able to place all the books they want and manipulate them as they want. There is also a version adapted to the wall, always placed at a height that they can reach, making it easy for them to reach those books.

The coat rack of this series also seems very interesting to us; and it is that a coat rack always facilitates order and gives our children autonomy, how? Hang up their coat, backpack and school clothes yourself. As in the previous case, when hanging on the wall, it should always be done at a height that the child can reach, let’s never forget this.

We must not forget the FLISAT workbench, a bench with three different heights, a table top that can be tilted and a support for the MALA paper roll that allows young artists to experiment.

Kids dressing themselves

At IKEA we also find a wide variety of furniture for the children’s room. Let’s always try to bet on those who allow themselves to dress. Furniture with a small height or that has the option of adding shelves that can make your clothes a little more accessible. Yes, we want them to get dressed as soon as possible.

A good example is the SMAGÖRA wardrobe, which has shelves, but also a section for hanging clothes. It is deep and it is a piece of furniture that can be mounted on the wall so that it is completely safe for the child.

help fathers

One of the things that the Montessori method promotes is that the little ones, as far as possible and depending on their age, try to integrate into daily tasks. To do this, at IKEA we also find some items that can come in handy.

For example, we have FIDELITY, which is a nice sofa that our son can use to help us in the kitchen. But not only that, it can also be very interesting so that they can get to the sink themselves and brush their teeth and wash or reach things in their room that are a little higher up. Which was a learning tower, but simple and economical.

And the kitchen work? Many children like to help and for this IKEA offers us a number of options that can be a lot of fun. For example, we have the DUKTIG line, which are toys related to the kitchen that can be used for playing or helping the elderly.

We have a cookie making kit, with its roller and its shaped cookie cutter. They can be used with clay or other material or with real dough to make cookies together.

DUKTIG kitchen utensils may not be intended for cooking, but they are for tasting soup, beating eggs or getting started with tongs.

On the other hand, there would also be the DUKTIG set of plates, a real beauty of ceramic dishes and plates, but with a smaller size for the little ones. Let’s not forget that Montessori advocates the use of real materials, so away from plastic. This way, children can learn the importance of caring for certain delicate materials. These bowls will be the perfect addition to your games.

The ideal Montessori bed

Let’s not forget that one of the most important parts is the bed. In the Montessori method, beds are defended that allow children to get on and off independently from a very young age, so they should be accessible beds that are not very high and in addition have some kind of barrier to prevent falls . The SNIGLAR bed is an excellent example of this.

Toys with LUSTIGT

the series FUNNY is a series that offers us a series of toys that is also very interesting for those of us who follow the Montessori method. Let’s think that this method encourages tasks that require concentration and self-correction. That is, children can easily identify that they have made a mistake themselves and do not need an adult to constantly tell them. The LUSTIGT loom is perhaps one of those examples that, moreover, looks beautiful on any child.

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