Imitation role play in Little Dutch

On another occasion we talked about Little Dutch and some of its products. Today we are going to focus on his toys; and it is that, among many others, we find wooden toys that support the traditional play. Toys representing daily activities; and it is that we remember that our children take great pleasure in imitating us, both us and the professionals they see around them, from the greengrocer to the mechanic or the baker.

play kitchen

If there is one game that fascinates all children equally, it is without a doubt that of the kitchens. Since there are currently many programs in which the little ones are at home in front of the stove, it is not surprising that wooden kitchens are an absolute trend.

In the Little Dutch Adventure series you will find this beautiful pastel colored wooden kitchen which features an oven with door, storage shelf, sink with tap, clock and hob with two burners. It is the ideal place for your little one to get to know the world of cooking, with utensils such as frying pans, oven mitts, a set of salt and pepper shakers, etc.

If we would like to have a more complete set, we may be interested in the small device sets on this page. With the same wood tones, so that everything is perfect, you will find a breakfast set. A beautiful wooden toaster in which your child can make delicious toast. When you press the lever, the buns pop out.

This small set includes a mint toaster, plate, knife, two slices of bread, butter, slice of cheese, fried egg and jars of honey and jam. That is, everything you need for a spectacular breakfast.

Such a breakfast makes little sense if we can’t drink coffee, right? Well, our kids can prepare it too with the Little Dutch wooden coffee pot set. This set consists of a beautiful mint-colored coffee pot with two cups, two spoons and five different coffee flavors: lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, coffee and espresso.

a work table

Tools are also a world that attracts a lot of attention to the little ones. At Little Dutch they present us this beautiful wooden workbench. A handmade piece that comes with its own wooden tool and lots of pieces to fit together. In total, this is a complete set of approximately 48 pieces, including a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, nuts or bolts. In addition, it also adds an adjustable tool belt so that your little one becomes the handyman of the house.

As in the previous case, this workbench can be supplemented with other smaller sets. Specifically, we are talking about the toolbox. It is a toolbox with 20 additional tools. All that mint color and soft blue so beautiful.

A shopkeeper at home

Finally, we should not forget that the little ones in role plays also very often choose the role of neighborhood shopkeeper. For example, in Little Dutch we have several options that we love. On the one hand we find this fruit and vegetable stall. A real market trader who serves his customers in a friendly manner.

The tent is made of sturdy wood and has a fabric canopy, a blackboard to write the offers on and 4 wooden boxes with 10 pieces of fruit and vegetables.

What retailer wouldn’t have an accurate scale? Yes, another smaller set that we can also get in this store. It’s a charming mint color scale that will become essential in your son’s sales to his customers.

In addition to this scale, the little one has to charge in the house, and there is nothing better than the wooden toy cash register. This piece includes a scanner, button numbers, a cash drawer, play money and a credit card option.

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