Incredible furniture for children: the rocket chair

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We spend the day looking for inspiration for decorating children’s spaces, and we already know a lot of the children’s furniture currently on the market. But sometimes there are things that grab attention and make us stop more than usual to discover what new idea we are confronted with. Well that’s what happened to us with the Rocky Rocket high chair

We suppose when you see it, you’ll imagine it’s a play area for a chair, but that is its main function. Now, if you show it to a little boy, he’ll tell you that it… your space rocket to go to other planets, explore the moon or discover friendly alien friends† With such a piece of furniture, we know that your fantasy will be overflowing with stories every

You can find this great children’s chair at Circu, where they have special ideas for children’s rooms. It never hurts to add something dreamy, that touch of madness that adults don’t like, but that they can still enjoy and enjoy to the fullest. And we don’t rule out the possibility of an adult going on a fun space trip.

This chair is not just a large piece of furniture to play with, it takes up a lot, you definitely think about it and you don’t see the functionality. It also has storage spaces so they can store their toys or his astronaut costume, which is located on the stairs.

A chair inspired by the Toy Story movie, where toys came to life and where anything was possible. Like Buzz Lightyear, the little ones want to become the best Space Rangers to protect the universe and have a thousand adventures. It is almost like having a small amusement park in your own roomso we guess it will be hard to convince them it’s a chair because for them it’s the starting point for a thousand interstellar journeys.

And well, apart from this cool themed furniture which we show you, I thought of a photo I found a few days ago on Pinterest for children who dream of becoming an astronaut and seeing the Earth from high above …

world-ball-painted paperPhoto

And this cardboard rocket? We have become super spacious today!!!



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