Kids room with pink and unicorns

We love children’s environments full of design. Several rooms that have nothing to do with the traditional ones. Often work from designers who do nothing but give us ideas so that we can integrate them into our children’s spaces ourselves. Today we bring you this beautiful pink room. A room that perfectly combines design and comfort. A space that mainly stands out because of the use of color and the mix of different materials on the walls.

An interesting mix of materials

While it’s true that many things make this nursery stand out, perhaps the most striking is the use of so many different materials on the walls. A beautiful collage that gives dynamism and manages to create a charming space.

We always say that wood is one of those materials that is never too much in a children’s environment. On this occasion, it is not only used on the floor, creating a warm and pleasant footprint, but it is also incorporated on the walls.

The composition couldn’t be more attractive. We have divided an entire wall into three parts. A padded bottom, to give safety to the playing field. Pink cushions that protect children from bumps. In the middle part we see the wood, which forms funny silhouettes that can be mountains or the profiles of some houses. To top it off, wallpaper has been added to the top, leaving a row of LED lights under the carving. A true miracle.

On the other hand, on the wall opposite, they have chosen to prioritize storage, yes, with a shelf that recalls the silhouettes made with wood in the main room. In addition, the wallpaper remains the protagonist on this wall and covers, yes, a larger surface.

Undoubtedly what stands out most about this other wall is the unicorn and the rainbow. We can’t say it doesn’t fit because the colors used throughout the room are pastels, which are exactly the colors used in this fun drawing. Without a doubt a perfect example that softer colors can be an excellent option in a children’s room if we know how to mix them with the right materials.

Images via: behance

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