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Toys are important for childhood. With them, our children not only have fun, they also learn. exactly in KIDYWOLF They have that goal. Founded by a group of childhood friends, this Belgian brand aims to create and develop toys that are not only used for playing and entertaining. They go further, they create pieces that promote the physical, mental, social and emotional development of the little ones. We bring you some of the brand’s capabilities, from reading lights in the shape of a dog to a storyteller.


What kid hasn’t dreamed of having a walkie-talkie? We do not know the reason, but this type of device always attracts the attention of the little ones. The truth is, maybe it’s because you can have the most fascinating adventures with them. This makes KIDYTALK one of the company’s most in-demand products.

These Walkie-talkies allow children (and not so children) to communicate from a distance of up to 6 kilometers. They have their own rechargeable battery to talk for hours. In addition, it has 4 colors available. Undoubtedly a very nice product to be in contact with our son all day or for them to be connected with their friends.


The KIDYLAMP is a bedside table or desk lamp that not only has a very beautiful design, but is also super functional. This lamp can accompany your little ones under the sheets, in their Indian teepee or in their reading corner.

It has a light intensity in 2 settings and is very easy to use, because you only have to move the tail of the puppy to turn it on or off. In addition, it has a micro USB port to recharge the battery, although with its autonomy of 15 hours we will not have to do much.


Technology isn’t just for adults. Neither do culture and art. Children listen to music and watch movies and may want to do this in privacy. For this reason, these personalized headphones seem like a great idea to us. They can listen to music and watch their favorite series while having a nice product with their magnetic and removable ears.

Important, these headphones comply with current European legislation regarding maximum sound volume. So they are limited to 85dB to protect the eardrums of the little ones.

The headphones are equipped with two jack inputs so that you can also share the sound with your friends.


A storyteller, that’s what we find in this product. A flashlight that can tell stories to our children. It is a great idea to give to a little one as there is nothing they enjoy more than listening to stories and stories.

You just need to turn off the light, insert the slides and start them by focusing on the wall or ceiling. A storyteller who can come in handy before bedtime.

This story lamp has 3 different stories around which the little one can develop their imagination by taking on the role of narrator.


Far was Emilio the robot, that toy that stole the hearts of a generation. Now they are much more advanced, like Robertt the dancing robot. They will be able to listen to music and share it with him so that he can practice his dance moves to the beat of his favorite songs.

It has more than 130 moves, so it is an expert in this dance. Plus, thanks to an app, you can control their movements to create choreographies. You can also change the eye color and code gestures.


The moment of measuring the little ones can be a very fun moment. With this scale we can do it with them too. This is a nice scale with a bear head receiver that makes measuring much easier. The closed bear’s head indicates the weight and when opened it indicates the height.

The scale can weigh up to 150 kg and up to 180 cm. You can also measure babies thanks to the accessories.


This device is ideal for children aged 3 to 12 years. A kids’ camera that allows you to take pictures with excellent resolution thanks to its 8MP sensor that allows you to shoot in 1080p at 30 frames per second. In addition, it includes a 4X digital zoom.

This kids camera has a rechargeable battery that lasts a long time, so you don’t have to use batteries or charge them constantly. In addition, it is easily charged with a USB cable. Surely your little one will want to take lots of pictures this summer. This is now possible with this camera, which is also available in several colors.

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