Lagrama and the Dressbox System

It is not the first time that we tell you about Lagrama and its children’s furniture. From beds to shelves via storage options such as cabinets. Today we focus on that, on cabinets. And not just any cabinets, no. We’re watching the series dress box, a revolutionary box system designed to configure cabinets completely freely. Ideal for youth bedrooms and children.

a modular wardrobe

The Dressbox modules are presented in two groups. On the one hand, we have the lower modules. On the other hand, the upper modules. By combining the top modules on the bottom, we will complete the height of the cabinet.

These are cabinets made from smaller boxes that are stacked without having a closed configuration. This means that the wardrobes Modular Dressbox adapts effortlessly to any type of space we have.

A fully personalized wardrobe

One of the things we like most about this Dressbox system is that we can personalize the cabinets to the maximum. The system has many solutions that can be combined with each other. We find interior modules with drawers, swing doors, folding or folding doors, translucent, toy racks, shoe racks or even removable tables. In addition, endless interior dividers and storage units can be added.

The customization of the cabinets does not stop there, as it is completed with the different finishes for the back, for the shelves or for the doors. A wide variety of colours, something Lagrama has already made us more than used to.

Interesting combinations with Cabana Cottage

Dressbox cabinets can be combined with the rest of Lagrama’s furniture. A good example is this environment in which the beautiful Cottage with roof and the Dressbox are combined.

The Cottage collection of cabins brings together the best of bunk beds by adding a unique and fun design in the form of a small cabin. It’s one of the company’s best-selling beds; and it is that it totally falls in love with the little ones as a perfect place to dream.

The Dressbox wardrobe system is integrated into the environment. Also in this case we can see a very interesting novelty, an accessory to organize clothes made of solid ash wood.

Likewise, the Airbox shelf is added to the set, a casual shelf that is left uncovered. It is fully configurable, just like the rest of the company’s furniture. You choose the size of the spaces and also the color of the background and the color of the shelf. In addition, you can also choose whether you want one of the rooms to have lifting doors, folding doors, drawers and solutions for shaping desks.

We see that it is an excellent option to complement the room with a Dressbox cabinet and combine it with furniture from this company. Remember, though, that these pieces work just as well together as they do individually. It wouldn’t be a problem to buy the wardrobe that fits in our current room.

Images via: Lagrama

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