Maison du Monde and its Malaga collection for children’s rooms

We already know that Maisons du Monde has a catalog that drives us crazy, what we may not know is that they currently have a collection of furniture that fits perfectly into the retro aesthetic with natural accents. The Malaga collection, for children’s rooms, has many beautiful things that we have found ideal. The rattan as a flag in each of the most important pieces of a children’s room.

Evolutionary Cradle of Malaga

The evolutionary bedstead Malaga is the perfect bedstead for those who want a piece of furniture that they can use for longer. It is one of those cribs that we can use from day one until the little one is about 6 years old. It is completely safe at any stage, because first we find bars, but then we can remove them to make it a cot and have a little more autonomy.

Best of all? That when our son no longer uses it, we can use this crib to make it an extra stool in a reading corner.

Chest of drawers Malaga

We know that chests of drawers are indispensable pieces in the nursery. A highly functional piece of furniture that will serve to store everything from clothes to toys. The Malaga model has 2 doors made of woven rattan mesh that give the room a touch of softness.

In addition, the chest of drawers has a shelf inside, ideal for the little ones to store all their toys and treasures.

Headboard Malaga

For those who switch from cot to bed and want a different headboard with the retro touch that the collection brings us, this headboard is ideal. It is for a 90 bed and is made of rattan, just like the rest of the collection. A headboard that provides just the right amount of warmth and that can be covered with all kinds of textiles; and it’s not something else, but rattan allows lots of color accents.

Malaga bedside table

The bedside table matches the rest of the furniture. A small table also made of rattan that shows us some arches in the back and gives it a very original look. We like warm colours, but as mentioned, this material supports many combinations.

Malaga dressing table

Many children like to have a dresser in their bedroom. The truth is that we don’t always have space, but if we have meters available, this model is really interesting. A retro style that will delight the little ones, but also teenagers. A dressing table that can be transformed into an office at any time and that also has a drawer for storing accessories.

Malaga coat rack

Children’s coat racks are a great element to organize clothes for every day or week. In the Malaga collection we also find one, yes, also made of rattan. It is a very solid and compact coat rack that will be the perfect addition to the nursery.

Malaga armchair

Yes, we can even find an armchair in this collection. An armchair with bohemian accents. A pink beige cotton and rattan sofa that will give any bedroom a charming look.

This piece of furniture is very interesting to use as a play corner, reading corner or simply to decorate by placing the dolls and cushions that we like the most.

Malaga shelving

Finally the bookcase. We can’t have a bedroom without shelves and this, like the rest of the collection, seems like a real success to us. It is a bookcase with two sliding doors with a rattan grille. Because they slide, they are much more accessible for the little ones.

The light wood and grille of this model make environments much cooler, a perfect balance between retro and exotic.

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