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Desks are essential elements for a child’s room. Children need a stable surface to draw on or do homework. The desks They will be present from childhood to adolescence. This furniture can also be a different touch in the room. A piece of furniture that fits in with the rest or breaks radically with the aesthetics. In Houses of the worldfor example, we find a wide range of options for all tastes.

Children’s tables for the little ones

When children are very young, there are several options. We can find small tables, adapted to their height and size, which will be enough to sit down and draw. At Maisons du Monde we find various options, such as the round white children’s table DREAMS. A table that fits the Scandinavian style and gives a very sweet touch to every children’s room.

This particular table has a Scandinavian look which is achieved by the white table top and tops, which match perfectly with the authentic color of the pine. It is without a doubt the ideal addition to a playroom or to the bedroom of the little one in the house.

Within the DREAMS models we also find a small table in the shape of a cloud. A beautiful children’s table that also follows the Scandinavian aesthetic, in the same vein as the previous one.

When children are a bit older and need a space to do their first homework, there is the option to place a desk. They are very decorative and the truth is that they give a total twist to the decor of the room. Children’s desks don’t take up much, so you can place them in any corner without any problems.

Vintage desks for children’s and youth rooms

If you want a desk that will accompany your son during his adolescence, you should opt for slightly higher tables. In Houses of the world They have a wide variety of models. For example, we found vintage children’s desks such as BLUSH.

It is a beautiful vintage desk with two gray and pink drawers. It has bleached pine legs that add a cheerful touch to your child’s bedroom. It is a sober, elegant and highly functional desk. It has a large board, enough for your child to work without any problems, as well as a large compartment in the middle and 2 drawers to store all his notebooks, pencils and pens.

Another option we like best for a vintage nursery is the LEA desk. It is a beautiful natural wooden furniture. Let’s not forget that wood is a material that brings a lot of heat to rooms. It has a sober design, something that favors us when we want to add color through textiles or even with the color of the walls.

Halfway between the Scandinavian and vintage style, the TROPICOOL desk would be. A wooden desk, elegant but with an original touch based on coral pink and white. A desk that could fit into Scandinavian, Scandinavian rooms or rooms that want to use color in all its splendor.

industrial offices

The industrial style is one of those styles that both parents and kids like, especially if we have a teenager in the house. A style that lends itself a little more irreverent, ideal for this decisive phase of its growth.

At Maisons du Monde we are going to find many options that we like. For example, we have the REBEL office. A desk made of wood and black metal. Let’s not forget that metal is always present in industrial and urban environments.

It’s a modern desk that will add a chic touch to your teen’s room. A beautiful piece with plenty of visible storage space and a large surface area for trouble-free work. Perhaps one of the most striking features is the black metal panel that your child can personalize with notes, photos or a calendar.

If you want a teen desk with a 100% industrial aesthetic, the ANDREWS desk is definitely what you’re looking for. An all-metal desk with the necessary space to organize everything from books, notebooks and all kinds of school supplies. It has two drawers, one of which is large, and a door with a fixed shelf.

These are just some of the proposals that we can find in Maisons du Monde. The truth is that this house has quite an interesting catalog of children’s desks, in which you will also find more classic structures or even others that suit other types of styles.

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