Maisons du Monde’s new children’s collections

Houses of the world continues to amaze us. Our children’s rooms have never been so beautiful; and it is that the taste of this brand is exquisite. Proof of this are all the new collections that we can see in the latest baby decoration catalog. An endless number of different options that make these rooms a delicate, fun and charming place. We bring you a few so you can get an idea, but don’t forget to drop by their section baby collection to see everyone else.

BULLE Collection, the land of the bunnies

Alice in Wonderland started her adventure by following the white rabbit. With the BULLE Collectionyour child’s room will be completely filled with these bunnies.

The collection has furniture for the nursery, such as chiffoniers, bedsteads, chests of drawers or shelves. They all combine white and beige, but also contain decorative motifs by those cute little bunnies. Buttons with rabbits or drawings that adorn many of these pieces.

This collection is covered with endless decorative objects featuring bunnies. At Maisons du Monde you will find everything from stimulation mats, toy cars or even a nice merry-go-round in which the horses have been replaced by white bunnies.

ELIOT, a galaxy far, far away

One of the decorative motifs most often used in children’s decoration is space. The stars, the moon, and the sky in general are always welcome to wrap up younger kids. It seems that with a starry sky you fall asleep much easier, right? This is exactly what the eliot collection

The largest pieces of furniture, such as the sideboards, the cot or the chest of drawers, are Scandinavian-style furniture based on details in wood. Furniture that goes a priori with any kind of decoration. However, we also find references to space in the ELIOT collection. Houses of the world it achieves it with the small decorative details.

You will find photo frames with stars, garlands with cotton streamers with a starry sky print or even a round stimulation mat with stars and moons. The colors, of course, blue and white.

The charm of SONGE

SONGE is a small collection. A collection with different products that we have found really valuable. In this case, the white extends to all, creating an ideal neutral environment to add color through the walls or textiles.

At SONGE you will find a beautiful chest of drawers with 4 drawers, white and with stars on the knobs and on some decorative details. In addition, we also find a wardrobe and wardrobe with a sloping top, as if it were a house, in which the stars are also present.

To finish, SONGE offers us a charming house-shaped bookcase, ideal for organizing the stuffed animals and other decorative elements of the little ones in the house.

These are some of Maisons du Monde’s proposals. However, it should be noted that the catalog is the widest and thus offers solutions for all styles, from the most sober and monochromatic to the most colorful.

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