Maisons du Monde’s new children’s proposals

The new course brings many innovations in the field of decoration. The most famous firms such as Ikea or Maisons du Monde are working on sending us their new catalogs, and although there are still many surprises, we are already finding some environments that seem really precious to us. Today we look at the trends that Maisons du Monde will champion for children’s rooms, proposals with lots of wood and jungle accents.

Light wood for children’s rooms

While white furniture has been the biggest trend in recent years, it seems that wood is making a strong comeback. A wood in its natural state. A warm and wild wood at the same time.

Maisons du Monde focuses on light wood furniture for children’s rooms. A repertoire of huge proposals passing through beds, cots, chests of drawers, bedside tables or wardrobes.

Treated wood but with that natural look we love so much and which adds so much to rooms in general. Now specifically to the little ones’ rooms, and the truth is we like the idea because let’s not forget that philosophies like Montessori champion the use of natural materials for children’s decoration.

Montessori furniture

Maybe they don’t call them that in Maisons du Monde, but if we look closely, much of their furniture follows the guidelines of the Montessori philosophy or school. Small-sized furniture adapted to the smallest, so that they can be used by them without the need for adults.

In addition, Montessori beds also stand out, or at least those that work or offer the same benefits. Low beds that children can use without their parents having to raise or lower them. Evolutionary cribs, the kind that accompany the child in all its stages and that also have a reduced height, so that the child can get in and out at any time. Also in wood, how could it be otherwise and to follow the common thread through these children’s trends from Maisons du Monde.

Jungle environments with vibrant colors

While it is true that at Maisons du Monde we look at furniture, we cannot deny that the environments they imagine are already an inspiration. We notice on this occasion how the wild theme is a priority for almost all proposals. It is achieved by the green color on the walls or wallpaper that takes us to a jungle.

The use of color is also interesting. On the one hand, green is necessary, but also a contrasting color, and for that there is no other, yellow or mustard is the best option. A very striking palette that will bring life to children’s rooms and that we cannot deny that the wood of the furniture that this wonderful company offers us stands out.

Images via: Houses of the world

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