Mermaid collection from Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde always has interesting little things for our little ones’ rooms, but we have to admit that this season has come a long way. There are several collections that have completely stolen our hearts, but Mermaid’s is without a doubt one of the collections we like the most. Yes, the world of mermaids is very appealing to our little ones. utilities, Houses of the world has created a line of furniture and decorative accessories for our children’s rooms based on these little mermaids.

Furniture for a mermaid’s room

In this line we find different furniture. Storage furniture such as the pink chest of drawers with scale print and 3 drawers. This Mermaid chest of drawers made of pinewood will make a very interesting piece for any nursery. On the one hand, we see how it combines the Scandinavian style with its straight structure and its materials. A style that matches the current trend in the world of mermaids.

In the drawers we can clearly see these traced scales that shine and give a touch of shine and originality to this piece that will delight both young and old.

If you want something smaller, such as auxiliary furniture, you can opt for the white, pink and blue chest of drawers with 1 drawer and 2 doors from the mermaid collection† This piece of furniture also has a scale, although it is only reserved for the drawer area, yes it does have its dose of glitter, don’t worry. Plus, we also like the shell-shaped handle. We can’t deny that it has a certain vintage look that matches the mermaid trend and creates a unique object.

For books, nothing beats the pink mermaid children’s bookcase. It is a very, very original shelf with the silhouette of a beautiful mermaid from the oceans. Undoubtedly one of the most coveted pieces by any girl in this collection. It also has a glitter finish and is an ideal size so that the little ones can get to it without any problems.

There is also furniture to sit on. You have a pink patterned cotton ottoman with gold sequins, although the prettiest piece is perhaps the turquoise blue wicker children’s armchair that is reminiscent of the shapes of a beautiful shell.

Textile Mermaid

In this collection by Houses of the world We also find a wide variety of textiles for children’s rooms. We’ll start with the white, pink and gold printed cotton kid’s bedding set. We like that it’s one of those double-sided duvet covers. Smooth and pink on one side. On the other side a beautiful mermaid print. The finishing touch is given by the pillowcase with that pattern of golden scales.

The collection also has pillows and they are a real cutie. For example, you have the pink pillow with a multicolored print on which the word Mermaid can be read in large, with all kinds of striking decorations in the letters. On the other side, a printed green pillow in which a cute little mermaid appears, topped with tassels on the sides of the pillow.

The bed is not the only place in a bedroom where textiles are present. This Mermaid collection has noticed that. You can get the blue and pink cotton swell curtains. A pair of pretty patterned curtains with gold stars, pom poms and seashells.

Finally, the comfortable pink cotton rug with tassels. The most special place to play comfortably on the floor. A rectangular rug that fits in the bedroom and has a beautiful pink background and the bowls that characterize this collection.

Other mermaid products

At Maisons du Monde we already know that there is a lot in the details. In addition to textiles and furniture, this collection also contains small objects that the little ones will fall in love with. We have the pink and gold rainbow print wallet. It is a mother-of-pearl bag that gives your child a very chic touch at school. It is a very practical bag with a large organizational compartment to store the pencil case, snack and books.

In addition, it also has decorative objects for the room, such as a piggy bank with multicolored sequins and a shell shape or a snow globe, one of those that we loved to look at when we were little, with a little mermaid in it.

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