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If there montessori school It seems to you one of the most suitable options for teaching your children. No doubt you have thought about the Montessori decoration for rooms. Although it contains no mysteries, as it is a decoration based on the keys of this educational philosophy, it is necessary to have some clear points.

How to set up a Montessori room

Montessori rooms are distinguished by really orderly places, and no, it’s not that Montessori room kids aren’t kids, it’s that they are environments with few objects and light and neutral decoration. As a result, the feeling of order and tidiness is always present. Now let’s not make the mistake of thinking that no color or decoration can be added. Of course we have to opt for the less graceful and eye-catching solutions. The Montessori decoration it doesn’t try to be overly stimulating, because it downplays the things that should be stimulating.

What is the reason for all this? Very easy. Everything is done not to overstimulate children, on the contrary. Immediately montessori room We try to create a relaxed and calm space, in which the little one can focus on the activity that he is doing at the time, be it playing, working, reading or resting.

Montessori decoration objects

Taking this into account, we can choose some elements that can serve as decorative objects in a Montessori room. Elements with tones that do not attract too much attention and are not overly shrill.

For example, you can put some garlands in the tipi or on the cama Montessori, that you choose In the latter case, the Montessori house bed allows you to wind streamers and garlands on the structure.

It is also interesting to decorate the rest room with snake or braid pillows. This not only gives a decorative touch to the rest area, but also provides extra safety at bedtime. These pillows are protective when in bed. They act as safety rails or shock protection, something that makes us much calmer at night.

Another option that could fit in a Montessori nursery is to hang some pennants on the wall. Moreover, we can make these pennants ourselves, which gives a DIY touch to the room. For example, we can place them on toy shelves. Note: you are montessori bookshelves It’s low furniture. Because it is so low, the wall above it is a bit empty, so the Montessori decoration is usually placed in this part of the walls. Not only can streamers be placed, but also some educational sheet, with not too bright colors, or some decorative vinyl.

There is a current trend that we really like, which is to paint the walls with geometric figures. They are simple lines that do not overload the space if we choose the right colors. Try using grayish tones or even pastels like mint green or pale pink on white. It is a very interesting soft touch that will give warmth to the room.

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