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Talking about Montessori is not new to many parents; and it is that the Montessori method It is one of the fashionable teaching methods of recent times. A method that is used in some kindergartens, but which must also have continuity at home. It is a very special way of raising children that takes an interest in the autonomy of the little one and the discovery of the environment on their own. The less adult intervention, the better. This means that houses also have to adapt to this method, as it is also a place where children spend a lot of time. It is at this point that we meet the montessori furniturefurniture adapted to the needs of our little ones to develop their creativity and autonomy at home.

A space that increases autonomy

Why are Montessori rooms so successful? Quite simply, because these environments with Montessori furniture create a space in which the little one is the only protagonist. In this way, absolutely everything is designed to increase their autonomy and well-being.

Is all children’s furniture Montessori furniture? No. One of the most important keys, and absolutely necessary, is that this piece of furniture should be at your height. Everything we place in the nursery should be within reach so that the child can arrange things on their own. That is, you have access to toys, books, or even your own clothes. In this way, the little things can discover, experiment and communicate only with its safe environment at its own pace.

Increase self-esteem and motivation

When we talk about Montessori aesthetics in children’s rooms, we are also talking about children with higher self-esteem. By creating an accessible environment for the little one, we create a happy space in which he can grow. If you can achieve things, your desire to know and experience will not diminish. This will inevitably increase your self-esteem.

Also, a Montessori bedroom is an educational and motivational bedroom. The rest of the children’s rooms cannot say this no matter how many accessories they offer, because they have high furniture and the little ones will always depend on another person to be able to interact with their environment.

Montessori furniture

We can find a lot of Montessori furniture, although of course there are chapters. For example the bed. A Montessori bed becomes a bed for babies and toddlers. It is located at ground level so they can stand up and move freely without falling.

There are many more examples of furniture for these rooms. We also have bar mirrors. They are ideal for those stages when the little ones are starting to take their first steps. A bar to hold on to and a mirror so they can discover themselves.

For the rest, let’s also try to place a wardrobe at their height, or at least a bar where we hang the clothes they will wear during the week, so that they can choose and take them with them.

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