Montessori furniture for children’s rooms

If there is one thing that stands out about the montessori furniture is that it is furniture adapted to the needs of children. We can observe this adaptation both in its height and in its accessibility. It is therefore a series of base units, in which the use of drawers or doors is avoided, among other things, making everything much easier to manipulate. We show you a selection of Montessori furniture so you can understand a little better what they are like and what they offer.

Why buy Montessori furniture?

Far from the aesthetic part, although, as we can see, it is also interesting, the main purpose when: buy montessori furniture is preparing and furnishing a children’s room that facilitates the autonomy of the little ones as much as possible. With this furniture it will be much easier to move, learn, be guided by intuition and curiosity and even start routines with more freedom.

To understand this a little better, we can think of conventional furniture with a normal height. For example, a cabinet with a door and drawers. If we choose this type of furniture, our children will not have access to their clothes. They will always depend on you to dress you until they get a little older. Also, until they grow up, they will not be able to reach the top of this piece of furniture without help. Many will even try to reach things by climbing on chairs or surfaces that may also be unsafe for them.

A bookcase with a door and drawers can hardly show us what’s inside. In a dining room or living room it can be interesting to keep order, but in a children’s room the little one will not be able to see inside. They will have trouble picking up their toys, they may even forget some because they just don’t see it. In addition, the security will be lower again.

All this can be completely avoided if Montessori furniture is chosen. Furniture that is suitable for the needs of children and that gives life to an environment that is prepared for them. A room with the best conditions for them to grow independently.

What does Montessori furniture look like?

To follow the montessori school, the furniture should have a set of characteristics. Let’s see which are the most important.

For starters, they are height adjustable furniture of the children. Whether we are talking about beds, shelves, cabinets, tables and chairs. Everything should be at your height, the lower the better.

Another feature of this furniture is that it allows display materials at a glance. Yes, it is furniture that avoids drawers and doors by all means, both in cabinets and on shelves. The reason is that they seek accessibility. In a montessori room it is important that everything is in sight, both to enter freely and to stimulate. Moreover, with everything in view you also have an order. A shelf full of toys is much neater than a suitcase or box.

Another characteristic is that this furniture is usually made with natural materials. This is also very important for the Montessori school. They are normally made of painted or natural wood. In addition, it is much safer furniture, because we prevent falls by having better access to it.

What is the Montessori furniture for a nursery?

It can be interesting to look at the typical furniture of a child’s room and how they should be considered Montessori room furniture.

Cama Montessori

A cama Montessori it will be a low bed, much of it without legs, much more accessible for children. Beds in which they can go to bed and get up without problems, avoid crying in the middle of the night because they want to get up and even promote sleep hygiene in which they go to bed alone. Moreover, these types of beds prevent falling while sleeping, something that makes us much calmer at night.

Montessori bookcases

Shelves are quite important elements in a bedroom. If we want the room to have the . follows Montessori Methodologythey also have to be a little special.

These shelves come at the height of the small one. Most importantly, they have access to their shelves themselves. In addition, they will have to be open and without drawers or doors. In this way, children can quickly see what’s inside and choose the materials they want to take with them at any time.

An extra tip: in addition to choosing Montessori furniture, it is interesting to always keep the harmony between all the furniture. Try not to make too many combinations with many different styles, as they would overload the space and break the harmony. If you need more than one shelf, it might be better to buy the same model or a longer one, no higher.

It is good to maintain harmony in the furniture and not to make too many combinations of different styles. So if you need more than one shelf, it’s best to buy the same model as many times as you need, or try to keep the overall style.

Montessori table and chairs

From 2 or 3 years, the little ones in the house need their own corner to tinker. In this corner they begin to draw and even experiment with different sets of textures. The point is that the table is essential, as are the chairs. For this it is always advisable to buy chairs and tables that adapt to the height of your children. No, if they are small, it is not convenient to buy a desk for teenagers.

las Montessori tables and chairs, moreover, we already know that they prefer wood. Remember that within the Montessori philosophy it is important to bet on a natural and organic environment.

Montessori Armarium

Have your child’s wardrobe tracked according to the Montessori Recommendations It can be complicated, but not impossible. Yes, we already know that the cabinets are not normally used by the little ones. Conventional education programs don’t give much priority to the autonomy of the little ones in these small daily routines. Taking this into account, although the dimensions are somewhat smaller, we will hardly find cabinets less than one and a half meters, with low shelves and avoiding drawers.

Difficult yes, but not impossible, there are specialized Montessori furniture brands that are responsible for offering these types of cabinets, which our children need to grow completely autonomously.

And Montessori Armarium this must always be lower, with a maximum of one and a half meters for children up to 6 years. In addition, it is ideally open or at least with easy-to-open doors such as sliding doors.

To ensure that day-to-day clothing management is not a problem for your child (too many options can make him dizzy), we recommend that you keep a maximum of 5 or 6 outfits indoors per season. We can change them every week if we want. This way they choose what they want to wear every day.

Montessori Storage

Order in a bedroom is very important, especially in a nursery that can often be chaotic. In addition to Montessori furniture, we can use options for this: Montessori storage. How are these options? Very simple, based on trays and a storage box to store the various objects of our children. These boxes can be easily placed on the shelves of the shelves, which is very practical for the little one to pick them up and handle them by themselves.

If our son is fond of crafts, it is best to choose small transparent boxes to keep beads, stationery, rubber toys, etc. So the little ones can always see what’s inside.

Decorating a Montessori room

As we said before, let’s try not to overload the rooms in terms of decoration. We must continue with a neutral and harmonious style, so that the growth is balanced and serene. This does not mean that we abandon all decorative elements. No, nothing is further from reality. The point is, if it’s educational and realistic, it’s much better.

Based on this, we come up with decorative elements such as children’s world maps, prints of animals or even prints that show us the plant nature. Another option is that of DIY decorative elements such as banners or garlands, they are not overly flashy and they look really good.

We can also decorate the walls with the little ones’ own drawings, they will surely enjoy seeing themselves become the absolute protagonist of themselves Montessori hall.

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