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There’s no doubt that Italian design is great, but if we also find companies that are able to unite the world of Italian design with the Montessori philosophy, we couldn’t ask for more. It’s what it offers us ettomio, a Montessori-inspired brand of handmade products in Itaila. Products that stimulate the autonomy and imagination of the little ones and allow them to learn and experiment independently. Today we talk a little bit about their products.

The Montessori Hetomy Room

In this company we are going to find Montessori beds such as the ettomio, a model that the little ones will fall in love with from the start; and it’s that it follows that aesthetic that we love about home beds.

This bed is built according to Maria Montessori principles. A piece designed to ensure the safety of the baby while promoting his autonomy and independence. So that the child can go up and down at will at any time and in complete safety.

These beds are made in Italy by a carpenter, a handmade and unique bed. In addition, it can be combined with other high-quality products such as the natural futon or with any other mattress.

There are many reasons for choosing the Montessori ettomio bed, although we can keep some that we find very interesting, such as the pine tree that was used to build this handmade piece that grows in the mountains near the workshop and of high quality. A solid pine wood painted with water-based varnish and treated to prevent yellowing and thus preserve the original color of this precious wood.

It’s a light bed, so we can lift the slats up to clean underneath without too much effort. In addition, the hood is made of 100% cotton, tied with cords which makes it very easy to remove for washing.

As for security, it is maximum thanks to the gate on three of the four sides. A fence designed for the safety of the little one that becomes a great support for the first movements of the child.

Learning Tower La Taue

Not only can we find Montessori beds, but there are also several learning towers that we will love. In particular, we love the La Taue Learning Tower, the only one you can fold with one hand.

A solid, fully collapsible structure that can be easily moved and placed anywhere.

As in the previous case, it is a product of Italian design, but respecting the Montessori philosophy. A product made by carpenters with birch wood.

This product is loved by children, but also by mothers and fathers. The reason is that the design is intended to support them in improving their first movements. The height of the support surface, the small holes and the sides are all designed to facilitate and support the little ones as they ascend and descend.

This learning tower makes open spaces freer and safer and stimulates the will to grow in an environment without borders. Plus, it has that nice touch with the colored front and rear bars.

The reasons for choosing this tower, as in the case of Montessori beds, are many. To start with, we are dealing with a completely handmade design product. A very nice piece that also adapts easily to any kitchen or living room. It’s so beautiful that you don’t have to hide it when guests come, because it’s pure craftsmanship.

The fact that it’s the only learning tower designed with a quick and easy folding mechanism also gives it a lot of points, we can’t deny it. But we can also take it with us very easily everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you want it in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Any place is perfect to place it, because safety is in the product, not in the environment itself. Plus, it fits in most car trunks, so it can travel with you.

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