Montessori sheets with small pictures

You already know that we feel weak for these online stores that take maximum care of their products. It’s not the first time we bring you material from small paintings, but this time we do it with something very special, with his Montessori photos. They have several options that seem wonderful to us, but also have numerous benefits for our little ones. We’ll tell you about it

Stimulation of each child’s individual capacities

It is not necessary to have more than one baby to realize that every child is a world. Your little one will definitely have different interests and skills from his brother’s as well as those of his little friends. The truth is that every child’s development is different, and the Montessori method works just that.

In Menudos Cuadros we find a wide variety of sheets that adapt to each child, allowing them to learn at their own pace and development.

Facilitating active learning

Active learning is an approach to teaching that allows students to participate in their own learning through the development of knowledge and understanding. The montessori pictures the Menudos Cuadros take care of this too. With them, the little ones become active seekers of knowledge, with the freedom to ask questions, explore and make connections, something that sparks their curiosity and an intrinsic motivation to continuously learn.

Strengthen collaboration and interaction

There are times when our children’s play is shared. They are not always alone in their room. It is good to share these moments of relaxation with other peers. With these sheets, the little ones are encouraged to interact with others so that they can learn from each other. In addition, these magazines help create a closer bond with parents as they feel supported when they are curious about the content they provide. They must discover it for themselves, but we must always be there as a constant support.

Unleash creativity

Creativity and promoting autonomy or self-discovery is something that the Montessori method always has as a priority. With these sheets we find an educational style that proposes to create an environment rich in stimuli and which gives absolute freedom to children. In this way they give free rein to their creativity. The reason is simple, by not being afraid of mistakes, they encourage discovery. It has been proven that children who learn through the Montessori method develop their imagination and creativity more.

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