Natural children’s room in wood with a cool desk

nursery-study room

We know it’s no longer time to study, but it’s the perfect time to make a reformation in the nursery, and contain such beautiful pieces as this delicate wooden desk† A detail we’ve loved so that it becomes part of the favorite areas of study we’ve seen so far. And that is very simple, but it has won us over with its peculiar legs, with that storage space and above all with the way of presentation, in that chic Scandinavian and natural environment.

A perfect study corner, it seems to us, with its small bookcase, with that table and the most typical wooden chair in the Scandinavian world. And if you want to store your books or anything else, there’s one of the paper storage bags that said so much and we found in so many inspirations.

Natural wooden nursery

children's room bed-natural-style


las natural rooms in wood typical of the Scandinavian world they are without a doubt our favorites, and every day we find more inspirations to keep them looking our best. A children’s room with wooden floors already conquers with its naturalness, but if you also add those slats to frame the bed with a certain rustic touch and use logs instead of tables, it will be best. To add a touch of sweetness, they added those light-toned fabrics, the string lights, and the paper lanterns.

Cool corners in the nursery

nursery-rustic-coat rack

nursery-rest corner

While we loved the desk in the study area for its simple yet distinctive design, we also find other interesting things in the rest of the bedroom. A beautiful wicker chair, that material that is gaining ground in children’s areas, and also a coat hanger made simply with a few branches. How about this wooden children’s room with an original desk?


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