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Because we like it NEST† The truth is that there are many interesting points that make this brand one of our favorites. If we had to emphasize anything, it would certainly be the color; and we love the special way this company gives color to youth and children’s furniture. Powerful colors that fill rooms with dynamism. In addition, we also love the large number of products in the catalog and how they can adapt to any type of stay. Today we look at their desks. This time in independent offices that can function as an isolated element in a room. A wide variety of options that make us doubt which one to choose.

Light desk

The Luce desk is an interesting model with a drawer arranged below the surface to store stationery and items that are not often used. We love its simple and straight line. In addition, it can be completed with its Boiserie Dots with accessories, those perforated panels with a natural wood finish that can be equipped with shelves, guides and mirrors. Linked to the desk, they create a perfect study corner.

William desk

A simple desk that fits into any type of room and we refer not only to the style, but also to the age of our children; and it is that the surface of this desk can be raised or lowered by three different heights.

vanny desk

It seems to us to be one of the most classic models in a catalog that is not classic at all in itself. Simple lines but with character. Available with a rewritable material surface, this desk has three compartments underneath and can accommodate one or more pen holders.

Secret office

It could be the reinvention of the typical desks we’ve all had in the classroom. Those desks that got up and left the interior exposed. The same thing happens at the Secret desk, yes, with more modern lines. It is enough to lift the surface to be able to order everything directly. In addition, a mirror can be added to this model so that it also serves as a dressing table.

Leo Desk

Without a doubt our favourite. A model that we can find in all Nidi colors, of which we already told you that there are many, and two types of legs to choose from to make it completely to your liking.

The desk is distinguished by its small overhead element and its four compartments, also with drawers. A desk that can keep everything in order with design and a lot of class.

yucca desk

As we said, in Nidi they are experts at adapting to any type of room, regardless of the meters. A good example of these intentions is this agency. It’s a wall-mounted model, so we don’t need a surface on the floor. In addition, the Yucca can also be personalized with a mirror and a drawer.

Loop System Office

This model is a free-standing desk to place in the middle of a room. Loop has a rod for hanging lamps or compartments for slides. Without a doubt, another design that can work very well in shared rooms.

woody desk

This model is designed for the little ones. A children’s work table that, surrounded by chairs and poufs, can be transformed into a regular play area for the little ones. The pencil holder in the middle is a very useful addition.

It has several height options, the shortest is ideal for the smallest children in the house.

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