Nordic inspiration full of color on @bloggaibagis’ Instagram

We have become accustomed to Scandinavian spaces without color. Children’s rooms in black and white that have conquered us with their simplicity. But every now and then it’s okay to be able to see the world of colors and enjoy mixing vibrant and happy shades† There is also room for color in the Scandinavian world, such as .’s Instagram account @bloggaibagisa mother who knows how to furnish spaces in a fun and colorful way.

In the children’s rooms decorated by this mother, we see colors and mixtures of patterns that make the spaces a unique place. Trendy mustard tones alternate with pink mountain walls. In another room they chose a light blue color for the background and only painted half of the walls. In the bedding textile mix prints of animals or pine trees that evoke the forest and nature.

There are plenty of other little details to look out for in her Instagram photos. A few wicker baskets on top of the Scandinavian wardrobe, the children’s prints with illustrations on the walls, the vintage wicker mirror, the string light or the bookshelf. It’s the little details that give these rooms a more personal touch.

There are none missing inspiring study places in these children’s rooms† With the same colorful and casual Scandinavian style, add a chair with yellow legs, more garlands of light or natural plants. We find ourselves in front of an Instagram account that brings us a more cheerful and casual version of the Scandinavian style. With lots of little trendy accessories to look at in every photo we pass of their children’s environment, it serves as a source of inspiration.

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