Olli Ella’s wicker children’s baskets

It’s not the first time we talk about this brand; And it is a real discovery. A company with vintage products that will make the most nostalgic parents, but also the little ones, happy; and it is that in Olli Ella offers really attractive products, which we have all played with and which continue to work in the imaginative mind of a child. Today we would like to highlight a product that fascinates us, that of children’s wicker baskets. At Olli Ella you have many options that can inspire you. Traditional, natural, practical and really beautiful baskets. Ideal for storing toys, picking flowers, picnicking or playing.

Baskets to complement the game

At Olli Ella we are going to find baskets for all kinds of activities, but we especially like those that can be incorporated into the game at home. Yes, any model can be used for this, but the ones with house shapes even more.

These baskets, in various sizes and shapes, become the huts or mansions of our children’s dolls. They are ideal because they all have handles to take them out of the house at any time.

baskets with wheels

Baskets with wheels can be ideal spaces to place toys. Trolleys that we can move around the house or in the garden and that will have enough space to house our children’s favorite toys.

They are also really aesthetic, so at some point they can be used to place blankets or a decorative pillow.

Baskets that, thanks to their wheels, can also be taken on a trip to the countryside for a barbecue or picnic in the meadow.

traditional hand baskets

If we see variety, it is in the traditional baskets. That of your life. Those who accompany us to collect mushrooms, flowers, leaves or other treasures that the little ones find in the field.

Baskets made to measure or rather made to measure. All with handles and even many models adapted so that they can be worn comfortably on the back as if they were backpacks.

Some baskets that can serve as part of the game as well as a decorative element; and we can’t deny that they can be really beautiful on a shelf.

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