Playground in the nursery, 6 foolproof ideas


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There’s no question that the little ones have a play area for them. And it’s that it’s a place where they can learn and develop skills with their toys, that’s why they need to have these spaces from a very young age. We can even have a play area in the baby’s room to enjoy their first discoveries, games and learning with them. However, How do you set up a good game room? We give you the keys in six simple ideas.

Playground, teepees and shelters


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The cabin in the woods, the box-built fortress or the way we hide under the sheets are some proofs of how much the little ones love special hiding places. If you have enough space, you can add one great teepees in the nursery† A place where they can rest and also read or make up stories they want.

Playground, tables and chairs


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When creating your own playground, it is essential to take into account some practicalities. Custom furniture so they can enjoy this corner is a good idea. they will be able to have her first coffee table and matching chair to paint, draw or read their first stories.

Playground, vintage seesaw


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The special details are also very important, and when it comes to choosing your toys, you need to have your hands on pieces as beautiful as those wooden seesaws. They are fun, timeless and also serve as decoration, because they give a vintage touch to the baby’s room.

Play area, play mats

playground carpet

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Ideally, if they are too young and crawling, they have a fluffy rug to walk on to discover the world, which will later serve to play on the floor as well. This one in particular is very decorative and seems very soft, perfect for the little ones, with a park so they can develop their senses.

Playground, walls that are blackboards

blackboard play area

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Do you want them to bring out their most artistic side? Well, nothing better than a blackboard, and if you dare, you can even use the . to use chalkboard paint for wallsin front of a door or a piece of furniture, so that they have a surface on which they can make their creations in complete freedom.

Play area, original storage room

playroom storage

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If nothing will be missing in any of them playroom is storage space† The current storage furniture is very decorative, so we will have no problem adding drawers, wooden boxes with wheels, storage bags or wicker baskets.

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