Retro trolleys for boys and girls

Today we are talking about one of those brands that steal our hearts as soon as we discover them. Is about Hill, a Basque company made up of two sisters, Oihana and Ekiñe, who have become quite famous in the world of children’s toys with their retro-style strollers. Full color carts with lots of personality designed exclusively and exclusively so that the little ones can enjoy playing, yes, with a lot of style.

Handmade product

Why do we love Kilima carts? For many reasons, but mainly because they are made by hand directly in the Basque Country. In addition, traditional craft techniques are used in the creation process, yes, the style is renewed with new colors that are very, very vibrant; and it is that these two sisters are passionate about cheerful colors, their combination, designs and quality fabrics.

retro inspired

They had the idea from the beginning to create an original and innovative product. They were also clear that they didn’t want to market something that already existed. So one day they bought an old pram, looked at the design and thought it would be a great piece for all kids, be they boys or girls, to play with.

Prams designed and manufactured in Spain and inspired by the 1970s, yes, with more character and personality and unmistakable quality.

These cars are designed so that the little ones can use it however they want. They will be able to walk with their dolls or perhaps carry all sorts of treasures, from stones to flowers. In other words, it’s a piece that lends itself to the overflowing imaginations of kids who can make it whatever they want.

It should be noted that the fabric of these strollers, all different, is waterproof and can be folded. It’s something we like because we already know that the game can be a little dirty. In addition, the chassis is really resistant and the wheels are the same as those of a real pram, but in a smaller size. The idea is therefore that it should be a toy for children that can be passed down from one generation to the next because of its quality and design, and it is useless to make beautiful toys if it cannot withstand the trot of children.

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