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Playrooms or playrooms are places we love. We may not have enough room to shape one of these corners. However, if we have a small extra room at home, we should not hesitate. It is wonderful that our children find their own corner to let their imagination run wild. On Instagram we find many examples, but today we wanted to highlight the options it gives us @what_eva_loves† An Instagram account of a young mother who has great taste when it comes to decorating children’s rooms.

Corners with wallpaper

We love wallpaper, if we also use it to highlight small play corners, so much the better. In this image we see a perfect example where this stylistic resource fills the playroom. A special corner to place bedsteads or toy kitchens. In addition, the wooden floor gives a warmer appearance.

Shelves and other items to store toys

In game rooms, not only space is important. We can see that rugs are essential here, the warmer the floor the better. However, there are also basic aspects such as storage. If we want our children to be able to play freely and be autonomous, we need to keep places within their reach that they can manipulate themselves. A chest, box on wheels, or shelves can be great options for a playroom. There are also toys that already provide extra storage space, such as a toy kitchen or tool bench.

Playhouses in all sizes

We really liked that you can see classics like toy houses in this account. In addition, as we see, they come in two sizes. On the one hand, we have the typical wooden dollhouse, which many of us have had in our own childhood. An element that will allow us to collect and store everything while decorating at some point.

There will also be a larger toy house, so that the little ones can enter; and it’s that kids really love to have a secret corner away from adults’ eyes.

It is noteworthy that in the environments of this account the natural wood plays an absolute role. We don’t think it’s a bad idea, as it is a 100% natural material and it also provides warmth.

air drawers

We also liked having a drawer system suspended in the air. These carts are especially useful for storing small items. Objects that would not be so on a shelf and can be removed at any time without any problem.

As in the previous case, wood continues to play a key role, not only does it provide warmth, it also helps to create a vintage atmosphere with a certain retro touch. A romantic and endearing playroom that will become the best memory of our children tomorrow.

A play and study area

Finally, also refer to the fact that a play area can be ideal for adding a study or reading corner. A small wooden desk gives a very vintage touch to this corner. At any time, your child can read or draw his books. In addition, he can also use this beautiful element so that his dolls can learn with him the importance of going to school and learning new things.

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