ROS furniture for Montessori rooms

You already know that we love companies that help us furnish rooms according to the Montessori method. Raising a child is not easy, in addition to patience and willpower, we can adapt the space of the house to them, especially their room. A Montessori bedroom is the perfect environment for children to grow based on their spontaneous growth potential. This part is exactly where the ROS Furniture comes in; and it is that this company has a line of Montessori furniture that adapts to the height of the little ones and thus facilitates their access. Furniture with an impeccable design that promotes order, creativity and autonomy.

Keys to a Montessori room

Before diving into his catalog, we will recall some points that seem essential for this pedagogy. The features a Montessori bedroom should have† To summarize, we have to find aesthetically beautiful environments, serene, without too many color contrasts and with natural materials.

We need clear space for them to enjoy free play and movement, so less is more. In addition, all the furniture we bring with us must be safe and scalable so that they can use it themselves.

in the bedroom

Within the bedroom, ROS furniture shows us a wide variety of options that we can incorporate into our home.

Montessori beds

It is without a doubt the most important part of a children’s room. Montessori beds should be beds that are as close to the ground as possible. Low beds, why? Very simple, because this way the little ones can get out of it without our help and go back to bed without needing us. Let’s assume that at a certain age it is normal for little ones to wake up at night.

However, when it comes to Montessori beds, the ROS Montessori house bed is the best option. This type of structure is very popular for its aesthetics, as it is also a piece of furniture made abreast because it is practically on the floor.

At the moment the possibilities of ROS Furniture are endless. For example, we have the convertible cribs† Evolutionary cribs that accompany our children in all their phases. In this way, in addition to cribs, they also become the first bed of the little one, with a suitable height so that they can get on and off effortlessly.

mirror with bar

The Montessori bar mirror It’s another one of the must-have elements in a Montessori room, and in ROS Furniture they provide us with one too. It is a perfect piece of furniture for the little one to experiment with. You can hang the mirror at the desired height and your child will hold on to the rod and discover his own image.

It’s an unbreakable mirror, something we love even more. When our children are older, the bar can also be removed and the mirror can be hung vertically.

Montessori cabinets

In the cabinet proposals we have several options in ROS furniture. On the one hand, the wardrobe proposalso that they can choose their own clothes. A closet in which the parents can leave different options (according to the current climate) so that they are the one to choose the one they want the most.

Another option is the day wardrobe. They can go to the bar perfectly and have all the clothes in sight. In addition, the mirror is processed, a polymethyl methacrylate, which gives you a clear image without the risk of breakage.

Free time in bedrooms

Free time is essential for learning. In ROS furniture they know, that’s why they include Bookcases with Montessori stories. Shelves that act as exhibitors so we can place our kids’ favorite books. A room accessory that can be hung at their height so they can pick their books whenever they feel like it.

Another option is the table for painting and writing. It is a table that integrates a roll of paper that will allow your child to draw without limits and learn that this is the place to do it and not on the walls. An ideal table for them to give free rein to their creativity and which, like the rest of the furniture, is adapted to their height.

outside the bedroom

Yes, we started talking about the nursery because this is the place where your child will spend more time, but the truth is that with ROS furniture they have also thought of some elements for the rest of the house that we love too , such as for example the learning tower

the tower of learning It is ideal for them to learn and spark the little ones’ interest in aspects of our daily lives such as cooking.

Let’s think that cooking is a very stimulating activity for them, thanks to the smells, colors, textures and flavors. These towers can be placed next to us so that they can enter the bank themselves while climbing and manipulate the ingredients under our guidance.

We also find it remarkable hygienic furniture† Hygiene routines become much more fun with this piece of furniture.

Made of water-repellent melamine so that splashed water won’t damage it, this piece of furniture facilitates the habit of brushing teeth, hands, face and combing their hair. It has a mirror of polymethyl methacrylate to make it completely unbreakable. Like the rest of the furniture, the designs are approved for use with children, so they are 100% safe.

Undoubtedly a good contribution for those of us who want the interiors of our homes to become an accessible place for our children; and it is that the Montessori method is interesting in the classroom, but even more so at home.

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