Scalable furniture from Maisons du Monde

We know that evolutionary furniture is a good option when we have a tight budget and small spaces. Furniture that we can use for much longer and that adapt to the different stages of our child. Furniture that adapts to the dimensions of the children’s room and uses every cm to offer several solutions in one. What we may not know is that Maisons du Monde (yes, that company we love so much) has many evolutionary furniture options that can be very appealing to our little ones’ room.

Chest of drawers

For example, at Maisons du Monde we find a wide variety of chests of drawers compatible with a chest of drawers. A good example is SWEET 2† It is a chest of drawers made of wood (3 color options) which is also FSC certified, i.e. the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest.

The sideboard has 3 spacious drawers to store your baby’s clothes. In the earliest period you can pin the commode from the same collection. A pull-out chest of drawers, sold separately, that doubles as a chest of drawers to save space in the room.

When our baby is old enough to leave the diaper, the changing table can be removed, leaving the surface ready to place toys, lamps or books.

Another option would be: CHAMAREL chest of drawers† It is a sideboard compatible with a 3 drawer chest of drawers. A white chest of drawers that fits into any interior.

It has a simple yet sophisticated style. A piece that will serve as storage for the baby clothes and also save us a changing table, because it can be combined with this piece without any problems.

The chest of drawers BARSANA it is also an intelligent option for evolutionary furniture. It is a 2 drawer chest of drawers sculpted in beige and white.

It is ideal for storage as the drawers are quite spacious, but also because it can be used as a changing table with a small hole for toiletries. As in other cases, we can use this piece of furniture as a conventional sideboard when our child no longer wears a diaper.

Finally, although there are really many more models, we can recommend the: chest of drawers MIMIZAN† We like its mint color because it is very fashionable. In addition, it is a chest of drawers that is a little different from the others because it has 1 door and 3 drawers.

It can be the perfect addition to a child’s room with light woods and pastels. It has plenty of storage space and can act as a chest of drawers at any time.

Changer that evolves into a desk

We don’t always want a dresser. We may have a good built-in wardrobe and really need different furniture. The chest of drawers ALESUND can be an excellent solution; and it is that on this occasion this evolutionary chest of drawers with 2 doors and 2 drawers becomes a desk with a storage bench. Very practical to create a workspace in the nursery in the early school years.

evolutionary cribs

The evolutionary cribs are all an invention; and it is that we know that the little ones, from the age of one and a half to two years, can begin to sleep in their bed without any problem. This makes the crib an investment that we can make profitable with these models. An example is the cuna SWEET

This cot can be converted into a 90×190 bed. A perfect bed for your hiois.

In Scandinavian style, it is used both to rest the baby and to store his accessories. And when we don’t use the crib anymore, we also have a dresser and bookcase next to that bed. As if all this were not enough, this crib has a changing table, so we can say that it is a piece of furniture that will become all we need when our child is very young.

A good alternative is CELESTE crib† It is a crib with white and gray drawers with a length of 190.

Like the yellow chest of drawers, it is made of FSC-certified wood, i.e. wood from responsibly managed forests.

It is another piece of furniture that will accompany our children for years to come. It is a cot and chest of drawers, but can later be transformed into a chest of drawers, bookcase and junior bed. A perfect way to optimize our son’s room.

On the other hand, and getting carried away by the aesthetics of the bed at home, we have the cuna sasha† It is a product with a simple and natural style that will fill any room with instant sweetness.

It has bars, but they are removable. Once removed, we can have a bed that will become the first bed for our little one.

beds that evolve

Another option is to buy the beds that keep up with the growth rate of the little ones. beds like cama SPIKE† An evolutionary wooden bed (it may have legs or not) that will stretch when our little ones stretch with a simple gesture, with the bed base slats set apart.

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