Scandinavian children’s decoration: a room that falls in love

Many of us are absolute fans of Scandinavian decoration. Yes, also from Scandinavian children’s decoration. So we will definitely have noticed certain changes in trends. It is true that the basic keys of a Scandinavian nursery remain the same, colors that give light, wooden floors and contrasting textiles. Today, however, we see accents of other decorative trends such as retro elements or romantic details in these Scandinavian corners. They only increase the decorative power of these rooms. Today we bring you an example. The whole house, for those who want to be inspired by the rest of the rooms, has no waste. However, the children’s room completely charmed us.

Scandinavian children’s decoration: sober color palette

We know that light colors are always an option that Scandinavian children’s decorations really like. In this case we do not see white, but that very light brown or dark beige continues to bet on a free circulation of light. Yes, the strong tones on the walls are still eliminated, but this time we’re going for a color that somehow reminds us of rooms with rustic or vintage accents.

The white ceiling, as a contrast, and the wooden floor only enhance the use of natural light. Something that is not complicated, since the bedroom has a nice balcony.

Decoration that hangs throughout the room

One of the most attractive features of this bedroom is undoubtedly the decoration that hangs on the walls. And no, we are not talking about paintings or prints. In this case, we are talking about decoration that literally hangs in the form of garlands and mobiles. A great resource to create different volumes in a room whose walls may seem dull at first glance.

lamps in the form of paper pompoms; cell phones with clouds and raindrops; garlands of small luminous balls hanging from the bed; or those pennants that certainly don’t go out of style. All these elements provide contrast, as they have colors that are slightly more striking than those of the walls. However, if there’s one thing that stands out in stark contrast, it’s that huge canopy that hangs over the bed.

an area to play

The part reserved for the game is particularly charming. Outside the sleeping area, in this corner we find a large repertoire of traditional toys that will fit both in the Scandinavian aesthetic and in a room in retro or vintage style.

We found a beautiful wooden kitchen, one that we haven’t seen on Instagram lately. But we also look at that beautiful wooden table. A table accompanied by stools in the shape of animals. Watch out for the latter, which also add a bit of color, arguably the most powerful brushstroke in the whole room.

textile problem

As we said at the beginning, in any room in Scandinavian or Scandinavian style, it is the textiles and the small decorative elements that provide color. In this case, the textiles in this room are not extremely colorful. However, they have a range of prints that give the room quite a bit of dynamism. Textiles that, together with that awning and that solid wood mirror, move between retro or rustic decoration.

An absolute example of good taste that we can try to transfer to our son’s nursery; and it is that, as we see, it is still a simple and simple design, without large furniture or therefore a large expenditure of money.

Images via:historic house

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