Scandinavian children’s rooms with woody accents

Today I bring you some children’s rooms that completely stole my heart. Yes, I am quite a fan of Scandinavian interiors in general. However, I think that _Katharinamaria shows on his Instagram account have a special touch. Less common and more charming. Come and see. I promise more than one will fall in love.

A woman with a taste for children’s rooms

What _Katharinamaria likes, it was something obvious. We already discovered it the day we visited your online store, an incredible showcase of very interesting brands and delicate products, the kind that make rooms personal. Today, however, we’re focusing on your Instagram account, which is an excellent source of inspiration when decorating our own children’s rooms. On the contrary, those of our little ones.

Best of all? That, if there is something you really like, you will definitely find it in their store (not always, but almost always). An online catalog that shows how well certain elements can be combined with taste.

White tones that shine with warm accents

If anything catches the eye of the children’s interiors of this report, it is undoubtedly the white that predominates. Yes, the white palette is essential for _Katharinamaria. I don’t think it’s bad. Bearing in mind that children’s rooms are places where light must always be present, white achieves this goal much better.

Now, betting on white on walls and large furniture doesn’t mean you have to give up all color. Pastels are also present in these interiors, which can give a dose of vitality, but without going overboard.

In another of the bedrooms, navy blue, dark, very dark, the corners splash to give dynamism and variety. Even without going overboard, as we have said, White should have the upper hand in everything.

Touches of wood that give personality

Wood is present in all environments that _Katharinamaria shows us. It’s not surprising. The wood counteracts the coldness of the white. A great ally to join these faint tones of color.

Wood through the ground is easy. The hard part is to include it in small details without creating a rustic or overcrowded environment. A dollhouse, a small drawer to store toys or a toy kitchen that combines white and natural wood. All these elements help to create intimate, natural and charming environments. As I said at the beginning, a real source of inspiration.

images in @_katharinamaria

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