Scandinavian nursery in pastel colors


Do you like sweet pastel shades? Well, today’s nursery is an inspiration that you will fall completely in love with. It’s Avie’s room, a very happy girl, well his mother has looked for every decorative detail to create a cheerful and serene environment at the same time† Enjoy every image!

If there’s one thing that stands out in this room, it’s the Scandinavian style that looks so good in children’s rooms. You probably already know this beautiful and simple style, because we showed you many interesting examples. They usually focus on black and white rooms, but there are also very colorful rooms, with pastel shades like the one in this spacewhich are very dreamy and delicate.



las room walls are decorated with many interesting piecesfrom the tiny house-shaped shelves, which we’ve seen in many inspiring photos, to amazing details that can even be done by hand, like those clouds or the streamers. The goal is to add the same pastel shades to every piece in this room, with mint green and pale pink on a pale blue background. It has so many cool pieces that it is a cluster of trends!

loose children’s textiles are in the same line and combine soft tones and prints† The aim is to create a room with personality, with lots of interesting things and nice fusions, so that it is a stimulating but at the same time relaxing place thanks to the pastel colors.



This Scandinavian nursery is totally on trend, because Avie’s mother has gone through all the necessary details to make it a very charming place. From the furniture painted in pastel colors to the textiles or prints on the walls, they tell us about the Scandinavian style in its most colorful variant. Didn’t you love this inspiring room? Don’t miss our top trendy moms section on instagram!

+info: Beck Halliday

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