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Scandinavian rooms are still in fashion. Also Scandinavian children’s rooms. Keep in mind, though, that a Scandinavian bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be a place with few colors. Yes, Scandinavian environments are looking for light, which is why so much white is used in their furniture and walls, but color accents can be given in many ways. Take a look at this Scandinavian children’s room that is not lacking in color at all.

Three differentiated zones

What is most striking in addition to the use of color is that the bedroom is divided into three totally visually differentiated spaces. On one side we have the rest room, with two beds for two children. White four poster beds that do not detract from the lighting in the room. On the other side we also have a play corner where a kind of sofa house (or Montessori bed) is full of pillows to play. In addition, we also find the study area with custom furniture and cufflinks.

In general, we have a room with white furniture, except for the Montessori bed or sofa with a natural wood texture. This white makes it easier to pick up color tones.

Study area with double furniture

The study area seems to us to be a real beauty. Note that there are two white shelves placed, quite high, exactly the same. The chosen chairs create a reflex effect that is filled with dynamism, a kind of yellow stools. In addition, the central table and the shelves in the cavity of these two shelves are made of natural wood, something that provides warmth.

A study corner that continues to excel for its brightness and the perfect combination of materials and colours.

Color with vinyl and books

The most powerful color can be found on the wall of the beds, through colored vinyl circles glued in a fun way, covering their entirety. These circles give that brushstroke of color without compromising white, which we can see is everywhere.

In addition to the beds, there is also the other color source, the bookcase. These Montessori type bookcases are very interesting because you can place the books as an exhibitor and turn their covers into a kind of pictures that can bring a lot of life to children’s rooms.

the game area

The house bed, which in this case acts as a sofa or playing surface, is perfectly covered with many soft cushions so that the little ones can lie down comfortably.

Again we emphasize the wooden structure that breaks a little with the rest of the furniture and adds warmth that only wood can give. Likewise, there are precious details, such as the lamp that wraps around the structure, in a yellow color like the office chairs, or the baskets and bags to store the toys.

Images via: lively girl

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