Solution for a shared room with an elongated floor plan

There are times when the space we have at home is not what we would like. If we live alone it may not be a big deal, but if we have kids things change. A shared room for two children can be a huge headache if we have few square meters. In addition, one of the most troubling issues in these cases refers to spaces with an elongated floor plan. How can we take advantage of this room? How can we create a bedroom for two with space to sleep and play? Be careful with this project. An excellent resolution that shows us that ingenuity often wins the battle for square meters.

Driving beds to make optimal use of the space

The best way to take advantage of a long room is to line up the beds on one side. This will allow us to have a free opposite space and a central space to move freely.

We like this resolution, while also loving the use of low bed bases without too much structure. A way to lighten the visual weight of the room that, as we will see, has many components.

If we look, the beds are at different heights, why? Because that way we have created a very attractive set of volumes, next to a hole in one of them to accommodate a trundle bed; And you never know when we’ll have a sleepover at home.

Room for a large closet

With one of the walls occupied to place the beds, we have the rest of the room free. A large built-in wardrobe can be placed in the long section in front of the beds in which the children can store all their clothes.

Another option would be to divide the space by adding a desk, but we may have already covered this option with a study or dedicated room in front of it. Anyway, storage in this room seems like a great idea, which is also completely lit by the large window at the back of the room.

Play corner and reading in the air

The part we like the most is the latter. We have probably already noticed the structure above the beds. Double height beds allow us to create an upper or lower space in which we can take advantage of placing toys or libraries, as in this case.

The structure is still the same as we would use with a bunk bed, only this time, when locating an area where the child is going to move, it is necessary to take all safety precautions. Here we find the rope system that protects against falls.

A safe space where the little ones can play, read or listen to music together. Undoubtedly a success that shows us that even if we have difficult plants, there is always a tailor-made solution to create the perfect children’s room.

Images via: casavogue

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