Study and play space in a very cool style


The contemporary and the modern mix with vintage accents in one Quirky children’s playroom and study† If you have a room that you can free up for the little ones, don’t hesitate to do something like that. It’s simple, doesn’t require a lot of furniture, and they have a place to play and concentrate when they need to study or do homework. Without distractions and with a space that is modern and above all functional.

This space may not be full of decorative details, but it caught our attention because in its simplicity there is room for some original design accents and for a very cool style this is reflected in the basic lines of each piece of furniture and in the white tones. It is a spacious and bright space that they can easily make their own as they can add all the details they like, from prints to toys. Storage is simply present with colored and plastic boxes, without getting too complicated.

child's play study room

If there’s one thing that caught our eye in this plain and simple room, it’s the wooden design lamp, which contrasts with the rest of the materials in the room, with the tiles on the walls and the white color dominating everything. A fun and different touch to add to the contemporary style of the playroom. If there are times when it is best to leave them space to play freely and they are the ones who kind of dictate the decoration of their own space.

There are also details with a certain vintage touch that add warmth to the playroom, such as wooden toys or that globe. We loved the backlit sign, as it gives everything a traveler and dreamy touch, as do the prints. Small details in a space that doesn’t need much to be functional and beautiful.

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