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Today I bring something special. One of those Instagram accounts that immediately inspires us. Is about tell kiddo and it has many beautiful things that will make you think about the children’s decoration of your home.

Bags of toys in all sizes

The account belongs to an online store. However, it can be a very interesting source of images to try and recreate those environments at home. Many of his images show us the toy bags. It’s not the first time we talk about them. They are bags of different materials with different messages. You can find them big or small, with different phrases, words or motivational messages. Is there anything better than a bag of toys that say ‘play’?

Although we also find different colors in the account, the clear trend is the white bags. A real beauty that fits in any room. In addition, it will give our children autonomy so that they will be the ones to put their things away after using them.

Decorate the wall with sheets

Another one of the things I liked most about this account is the artwork it shows in its environments. They are simple illustrations, many as simple as the alphabet.

Illustrations are always welcome in a children’s environment. You can find different colors and sizes. However, as we can see, those that use pastels or even imitate watercolors are great. (See alphabet sheets)

Open shelves to earn decorative points

If you don’t want to put your toys in bags, take a closer look at other environments. Win open shelves. They are very useful spaces. You can place all your children’s dolls. But you can also add books and various decorative objects.

In addition, the shelves can contain lower parts so that the child can access them.

As for the colours. The images in this account talk about warm furniture in shades of wood or white, although pastel shades or even light gray are also present.

A traditional playground

Finally, note that the toy kitchen examples seemed great to me. We already know that they have been the order of the day for a long time. Surfaces like Ikea are marketing their own. So it’s not surprising that Instagram accounts with as much flavor as this one have a lot of photos. All different by the way.

More or less small kitchens, more or less schematic and all with a common denominator, wood. Yes, it seems that traditional toys continue to gain ground. Remember that wooden toys should be free of varnishes and paints that are harmful to our children.

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