The bright interior of Maisons du Monde

You already know how much we love Maisons du Monde’s decorative proposals. The truth is that in the catalog we always find the most interesting options for children’s rooms. Options for all tastes and ages, whether our children are newborns or young teenagers. In addition, the Maisons du Monde children’s rooms are always very well lit, not only with the central lamps, but also with an endless number of luminous decoration products. Today we show you some models of luminous decoration of Maisons du Monde that you definitely want to have at home right now.

The luminous neon lights of Maisons du Monde

Many adults love neon lights, why not include them in children’s decorations too? Yes, in this case we’re leaving out the big neons with words like coffee or beer to focus on slightly more childish motifs.

At Maisons du Monde you will find neon signs that remind you of rainbows or even ice cream. In addition, we must not forget the neon lighting for children’s rooms based on words. Good examples are the Relax, Hello or Ice Cream neons of this house.

Illuminated boxes from Maisons du Monde

We have completely fallen in love with the Maisons du Monde 2020 light boxes. What we like the most is the wide variety of options. For example, we can find light boxes that already have pre-compiled messages. Positive messages to give the children’s rooms a little extra cheerfulness.

However, we know that children (and young people) are very creative. For this reason, we like customizable light boxes, which have lots of extra letters and characters. In this way they will be able to make their own sentences with a lot of ingenuity to surprise their visitors and us, their parents.

Luminous garland from Maisons du Monde

One tool that never goes out of style and that we love for any type of nursery is that of luminous garlands. With the garlands we can decorate whole walls, if we extend them, or a certain angle by dropping them vertically.

At Maisons du Monde we find a wide variety of garlands in all kinds of styles. You have streamers with white or colored paper balls, streamers with pompoms and even streamers with fun shapes. These means along with the pennants are classics that never go out of style and can give a different touch to the room without having to invest too much.

Collections for the most rebellious

As we said, at Maisons du Monde there are solutions for the little ones and also for the most rebellious youngsters at home. At this point we should highlight the lighting decoration of the past season, in which there is a series of neon lights with much more casual motifs.

You will find a great light with the word Rock or another in the form of music headphones, for music lovers, as well as several characters of those most closely related to redo, such as an at sign or a luminous toad.

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