Thematic children’s furniture: the decorative option they love most…

Children's themed furniture, the decorative option they like best

Thematic by TegarMobel: Finally children’s themed rooms to the taste of children and their parents!

It is a real pleasure to find original furniture to decorate the nursery. When it’s time to change the nursery for an extra room in accordance with their new needs, choose theme children’s rooms, as they like it, might be the smartest choice. But finding original decorations for children’s rooms or children’s play areas is not always easy… Children like to recreate the fantasy worlds of stories and movies as they grow. And they start to have specific hobbies, such as sports.

Thematic by Tegar Mobel is a line of themed children’s furniture with fun, fresh and creative designs that pleasantly surprised us. It is furniture to dream of… And you can also see that it is beautiful furniture, manufactured nationally, to also meet the quality expectations of adults and to withstand the “trot” to which the little ones submit their spaces without any problem.

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A playground that mimics “Route 66″…

las cartoon children’s rooms from Tegar Mobel’s Thematic recreates the environments of children’s films such as Cars or SpongeBob without falling into the cliché. That is why the lines and details full of fantasy are equally loved by parents and children in the house. The bed is a real racing car vintage or a ship, and the headboard may take the form of an ocean liner or a submarine. And the rest of the elements of the nursery are not out of place, but form a harmonious and charming whole to create a perfect dream environment

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Have you been sporty…? I am sure you will love it!

Sports, car, puppet and football teams, in addition to animation characters, are some of the themes that define the furniture of thematic† Be sure to check out all the themes on the page dedicated to this collection, because they will surprise you just as much as the little ones…


Sea adventures are an all-time classic for kids…

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Formula 1 continues to attract children. Do you dare to “tune” his room like this…?

Some options are irresistible and you will think that this is exactly that bedroom you always dreamed of in your childhood! Without a doubt the decorative option that children like best…

Thematically by TegarMobel.

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