Tidy up with your kids thanks to Marie Kondo

We are sure that there will be few who do not yet know the famous Marie Kondo. A Japanese author, entrepreneur and organizational consultant. It came into our lives to organize our homes, to show us that we were piling up and storing things that we just didn’t need to put away. A very special vision on furnishing and organizing the house that we can also put into practice with our children. We give you a set of rules that Marie Kondo uses with her own daughters. Rules that allow you to have more harmony at home and everyone helps with this order.

First rule: don’t be extremely demanding

Yes, we already know that Marie Kondo’s ideas can be a little (pretty) drastic. But even she herself gets soft when it comes to the little ones. Marie has two girls and she knows what a house is like with those little earthquakes. For her, while order is essential, so is flexibility. We should try to learn that with children it is practically impossible to have a 100% tidy house. There’s no need to feel guilty, because we’re in a bit of chaos. Let’s not let that chaos take over the house completely.

Second rule: try to be didactic

We know that children often learn through imitation. They like to play with being older. In this way, if we use pedagogy, we can create order without any drama. While you clean and order, you can explain to the little ones what you are doing. Especially if you do it in a friendly way, without being intrusive, they will be curious themselves and want to get started with their own room. Harmony in speaking, respect and the right words.

Third rule: never stop laughing

It seems more like a motivational phrase than anything else, but it’s true. Good humor accompanies. Don’t look at cleaning and tidying tasks with a bad face. Don’t let your child see you angry or in a bad mood while you’re taking care of things at home. In this way, they will not be able to associate these household chores with anything negative, on the contrary. Play music, laugh and have fun with them.

Fourth rule: order and play can be combined

Yes, as you read it you can make a game out of these ordering tasks. We already know that the little ones want to have fun most of all. In order for your children to be able to take up the daily routines at home, you need to arouse their curiosity and do so in an attractive way. You can create games associated with the order. According to Marie Kondo, as soon as the little ones start walking, this can be done in a very simple way and with uncomplicated tasks. Picking up their toys can be fun if you give them a drastic twist. Also try to find nice storage spaces, such as suitcases or baskets.

Fifth rule: find the best place for toys

In line with the above, one of the best options when it comes to conveying the importance of order to children is to find the best place for toys. Keep in mind that there are many toys with children. Try to make the storage space accessible to your child. If you leave them in a closed cupboard or on a tall drawer or shelf, they will definitely lose interest in learning how to store them. There are even drawers on wheels that can be fun to roll around the house. Yes, you can play around the house as long as you pick them up properly afterwards.

Sixth rule: set limits on your little ones’ possessions

Here we meet the Marie Kondo we already know. Yes, having children is chaos. Yes, they have a lot of toys and kids stuff. However, if we find a suitable place to store all the toys, we will see how the space increases to accommodate practical things such as wipes or diapers. You have to take into account that space is limited, if you don’t forget that, you make sure that your house is not overrun by your children’s belongings.

Seventh rule: never lose your temper

Dealing with children is complicated, we know that and so is Marie Kondo. It is necessary to be flexible with the little ones, knowing that they will be rebellious for many days and will not want to order. Try things out for good instead of yelling or arguing. If you see it’s one of those days where there’s no option for dialogue, don’t get frustrated, don’t waste your time chasing it. Just wait for them to go to bed and clean things up themselves. It won’t cost you too much to know that everything has its place, and tomorrow will always be another day to try and get things right.

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