Top 5 Best Montessori Toys

It is not the case that there are specific games within the Montessori school. We can say that the principles of this school can be translated into various play and learning materials for children. These toys have special properties, for example that they are objects without instructions. Toys that stimulate the imagination of our little ones from an early age and that are also made of sustainable materials such as wood. Today we are talking about the Montessori toys that are the most successful.

The wooden rainbow

Wooden rainbows are an absolute winner for parents who follow the Montessori school. Don’t let its simplicity fool us, as it is one of the foundations of this teaching method. The success is due to the fact that we offer children a material that does nothing by itself, but at the same time can become a lot of toys.

This rainbow is part of what Montessori considers symbolic play. It can become a bed for dolls, a tunnel for cars or a den for a small animal. Of course also in a rainbow, and it is.

It’s still a stackable game, where we stack the shapes until they fit. A puzzle that also develops our son’s fine motor skills. In addition, since it is an unstable structure, much more than the cubes, the little ones gradually understand the system of balances and weights.

stacking towers

Stacking towers made of wood are another classic of Montessori toys that kids and parents love. They are also very interesting for developing fine motor skills, with as much variety and levels of complexity as we want to add.

Let’s think of an adult and his hands. The hands are responsible for many of the essential motor actions. For this reason, it is very important that children start developing this part of the body as soon as possible. In addition, these toys can help our little one to make the pincer movement, including the index finger and thumb, which is so important for the little one to be able to eat independently.

Stacking games such as towers serve, among other things, to gradually train the essential motor actions of squeezing, grasping and mouthing the pieces. Later, when time passes, they can insert the objects in their place.

wooden kitchens

When we talk about imitation games, we cannot forget the wooden kitchens that are a must for Montessori families. For Montessori it is important that the interpretation of reality belongs to the child, that play helps him to do so. There is no difference between play and reality, so toys should be a reflection of the real world.

In short, wooden kitchens are a perfect example of this imitation game where the little one does exactly the things the adults do.

Let’s think that the kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time. Children are also interested in working together and discovering activities their parents do. For this reason, following us can be the best way to learn.


We put the xylophone in because it really is a must, but the truth is that any musical instrument can be included in Montessori toys. The reason is that musical language contains basic elements that the ear, even that of a baby, can pick up and train. In addition, instruments such as the xylophone also stimulate fine motor skills.

It’s not that we want to have little musicians in the house, although maybe over time, with such an early approach to music and instruments, they will discover a great passion.

curved planks

Curved shelves are one of the most interesting toys in pedagogies such as Montessori and Pikler. They have endless game options that will stimulate the imagination of the little ones.

The truth is that these boards have all the features that a perfect toy should have. They are versatile, because their possibilities are infinite, it is an ill-defined material, so it does not condition the child’s play. Likewise, it is robust, evolutionary and able to adapt to its various stages. Finally, these shelves are also built with environmentally friendly materials, such as wood.

The curved board will help our son develop his balance and control the movements of his body.

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