Urban Christmas from Maisons du Monde

The Christmas collections have been ready for weeks. At Maisons du Monde, for example, they have very special things in their Urban Christmas collection. This is another collection, one of those that breaks the mold and completely changes the clichés. Yes, it is true that Christmas decorations will always remember the date we are in, but Urban Christmas aims to do this by mixing the classic with the modern. Much more casual and informal styles in their products that give any home an urban touch. Would you like to see it? Well don’t forget there is now discounts up to 50% on Christmas items from November 20 to December 11. If you see anything, don’t hesitate.

More neutral color range

If there’s one thing we loved about this collection, it’s that, in addition to using traditional shades, the colors focus on more neutral tones. For example, white is one of the most used colors in this collection. Moreover, gold or pink accompany many of the items in the collection in a very balanced way.

Trees that make the difference

The color palette for the trees of Maisons du Monde is clear. Besides gold, which gives it a very chic touch, pink and blue are very present in different shades.

Looking at the tree decoration catalog, we can see from an endless number of lights for our small trees to a wide variety of balls and decorations.

We love how many of these products look handmade. Products made with care that make the difference and thus dress a completely different tree, be it natural, artificial or even alternative, just like those minimalist trees based on wooden slats.

Christmas lights in the house

Christmas lights are something that every home should have in this day and age. At Maisons du Monde we have string lights that can be used for front doors or windows as well as for columns or Christmas trees. We also have other types of light decoration, such as stars or other shapes based on LEDs. Christmas shapes with light that you can hang anywhere in the house.

In addition, we must not forget the candles, always so interesting when it comes to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In the Maisons du Monde Christmas catalog you will not only find individual candles, there are also endless candlesticks that can become the most chic centerpieces; and it is that here gold is still an absolute trend.

A table for your guests

We all think of Christmas dinners and meals. Sure, many of us focus on the menus, but others also worry that EVERYTHING is perfect. At Maisons du Monde we will find, in this new collection Urban Christmasa wide variety of objects that make your table look different, chic, unique and inviting.

Gold remains the essential color in the section of the table. We see from artificial branches to decorate the table in gold, to covered with this finish. However, it will also be possible to find color accents through tableware and some details such as candles.

Pink, red and blue will continue to be part of the color palette, although gold has certainly won the battle in this collection.

Every detail for the house

The truth is that the collection is very complete. Not only can we find the articles that we have indicated before, it is moreover Houses of the world It surprises us with an endless number of independent decorative elements, such as Christmas figures or items to hang from the ceiling and the wall. We can say that no corner is left undecorated with Urban Christmas.

In addition, a special mention deserves the accessories for gifts and small accessories to make our own DIY. Yes, at Maisons du Monde you have glitter, wallpaper, Christmas themed tape and even themed stickers. If you are looking for something different to make a Christmas craft, you should definitely take a look at their catalog, you will be surprised for sure.

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