Vintage and very original baby rooms

Vintage children’s rooms have a lot of charm, we can all agree on that, but these rooms can also be very original, as we see in this space from Milk magazine† They have decided that the furniture is secondary, with simple lines and basic tones. But the stone walls decorated with huge vintage cars amaze as soon as you see it. There is also a fun truck that they can use as a ride-on.

Vintage baby room with boho sky

In Thebooandtheboy we have found another baby room that leaves us speechless with their creativity and mixing. Not only do we see the vintage touches here in that pretty white wrought iron crib or textile, but it also has a certain boho chic style with that colorful rug or the details of the walls in golden tones. A very fresh eclecticism for the nursery.

Jungle inspired vintage nursery

In this baby room they also have mixed concepts to give us a nice and very special space. This wall of the wall of photo wall inspired by the jungle a creative and colorful jungle, to give life to the whole room. With that desk and chairs they add the nice vintage touch.

Vintage children’s room with an original wicker bedstead

Because we love wicker things, a little inspiration for a vintage baby room could not be missing. A beautiful and original wicker cradle like this one from Idainterior lifestyle with round shapes it is perfect for a very stylish room.

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