Vintage furniture and accessories for the nursery


Refurbishing old furniture and even old customs is fashionable. Crafts, crochet, wickerwork and handmade pieces are back, so no wonder vintage furniture and accessories are trendy straight away. That’s why we look for a few vintage details that could be the key to decorating children’s spaces. And we start with a beautiful wooden crib for a baby’s room that we see in TheBooandtheBoywhere the paintwork looks worn and has a beautiful turquoise color.

vintage wicker cribs


Continuing with the cribs, today we see not only the usual models, but also the beautiful wicker cribs are back. Handmade pieces that adorn a lot and that we want to have in the room even if the kids don’t use them anymore because their designs are amazing. In The design files They know and bring us this room with wicker furniture and ethnic carpet.

wooden seesaw


This vintage-charmed nursery has many elements in which we can be inspired† A wrought iron bed, an old wardrobe with worn paint and floral wallpaper on the walls. But we especially want to highlight that beautiful wooden rocker Madeinpersboone of the accessories that we have been in love with for a long time.

vintage children’s office


Decorate the kids study room in vintage style It might also be a good idea, especially if we have a matching desk and chair like the one we saw small and small† Desks that remind us of old schools and are now a highly sought after piece.

Wooden beds in the children’s room


In Planete deco we find an increasingly common trend, namely that of add a vintage wooden bed to the nursery† They are special, they are unique and they contribute a lot to the decoration with their great personality.

vintage wicker baskets


In the field of vintage storage, we’ve seen the return of wicker baskets, the kind used to store things many years ago. We can’t help but see them in many versions, but they will always be a great idea for them to store their toys, like this sturdy wicker basket from decor pad

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