Vintage nursery on Instagram: @_sveasophia_

Today we are going to focus on a beautiful room we found on Instagram. This is the nursery @_sveasophia_ Show us on your profile. A magical corner that moves in brown colors, with wood and delicious prints. A room that will certainly inspire us to decorate our nursery.

well decorated walls

What we like most about this bedroom is without a doubt the choice of colors on the walls. Wallpaper is an eye-catcher, there is no doubt about it. For this reason, although the color itself is not too strong, it has been decided to only place it in one part of the bedroom. In this way, they chose to leave the rest of the room white and paint the lower part the same color as the base of the wallpaper. We have continuity, but in a subtle way.

Wood as a common thread

Wood is one of the elements that most attract our attention. Here you see natural fibers everywhere. The floor is made of wood, slightly darker and treated. However, the rest of the furniture is made of natural wood. Naked and uninhibited. A wood that gives warmth but does not take light out of the room. A type of wood that also fits perfectly with the chosen color for the walls.

The cradle

The crib moves away from the woody color. This time you choose a white model. It seems perfect to us because when it coincides with the lower part of the wall, we can see how much it contrasts with the brown. In addition, slightly more color can be added to the textiles used.

a house to play

The houses are fashionable, and in this room it couldn’t be less. A house still dressed in natural wood and mixed with white walls. A place chosen to create a refuge at any time to read, play or even rest.

In this particular model, we really like the width of the small windows, which allows the light to enter without any problem, making the room much brighter.

storage details

To conclude, mention that the room is full of small items to store, from toys to clothes. Elements that continue to show a preference for natural materials. Proof of this are the low thatched or wooden planks. A perfect place for kids to put all their toys and be within reach. Remember that autonomy is the most important thing in our child’s room.

In addition, we also need to highlight the coat rack or easel that can be seen in the room. Although there is a chest of drawers and even a bigger wardrobe, this option allows us to organize the most recurring items of clothing, we can even organize clothes for a whole week so that the child can pick them up themselves day in and day out. †

Images via: _sveasophia_

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