Vintage nursery with wrought iron bed

vintage nursery

Collect all those old things that you have kept for generations because vintage has arrived† To show this, a beautiful one nursery with very interesting pieces, chosen with great care, to give a simple and retro look, but at the same time very fresh and current.

In this room there are several things that stand out as soon as you see it. One of these is the delicate wrought iron bed, a piece of furniture that should not be missing in the most romantic children’s rooms. And with the right textiles, it becomes a very cozy place to sleep. Be sure to check out the wrought iron beds that we show you every now and then.

We are also affected by the bare cement wall, a daring gamble inspired by the industrial style, but which is very original and stands out for its simplicity, leaving the main role to the other elements and furnishings. The perfect space to hang that old world map, reminiscent of schools from decades ago. Best of all vintage is that there is a lot of history behind it.


Other vintage touches can be seen in the old suitcases, the map of France on the wall, in the industrial metal lamp or in the toys. Everything combines perfectly, without adding too many things, which is the best. Y in terms of color they also look for the minimum, with very soft pastel shades

We think it’s an ideal style to get started with. In addition, the restored furniture has a charm that cannot match the most modern. Painted with current shades for the nursery they will be great. And as for toys, handmade ones with natural fabrics are in fashion, so you will find them easily. An inspiration for those who like simple and very simple environments.

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