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The little ones have many hours around the corner with homework and studying, so it’s time to go over ideas for their study corner. If you already loved the inspiring study tables full of color and originality that we show you, now let’s turn to something completely different. In addition to fashion and trends, there are things that remain, like these tables to study forever

The classic and timeless style is one that adapts to the passage of time and fashion, and is always on the rise, unperturbed by those more modern ideas that are often ephemeral. If you don’t want to complicate your life with multi-function designer tables, go back to basics. Who knows, you might even be able to salvage an heirloom worth renovating.

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Ideas as simple as this wooden table with matching chair seem to come from an old house or one of those vintage stores. The good thing about these pieces is that will look good in any style and nursery† You won’t get complicated with colors, shapes or materials that only seem to marry other similar furniture. This is a classic and as such goes with everything.

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Retro style pieces are a trend to keep in mind. Whether in the rustic style, as well as in the Scandinavian style children’s rooms or in the most classic, we can see pieces like this one that are absolutely amazing. And the best part is that there are people who still have this type of furniture at home. If you belong to these privileged ones, take advantage, because at the moment this vintage touch gives a very bohemian twist to any room


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This is proof that the Scandinavian style perfectly assimilates vintage pieces. It is one of the decorative trends that we are in love with from the first moment we discover it, so we absolutely recommend it. And so as not to exaggerate with the use of white, well, there’s that study corner with a table and a small chair made of old wood, which, despite its great simplicity, attracts attention.

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This model maybe reminds us more of the industrial style, with its metal parts† The set itself is beautiful, with that decadent and old-fashioned touch of the real thing. To compensate for the coldness of the metal, you should of course make extra use of warm fabrics such as that fantastic wool rug.


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This set reminds us of furniture from the 70s, with that air of retro modernism in slightly more complicated ways. However, the vintage air can be felt in every part of this study furniture.

It was a great tour of these usual study tables. Another idea to add to the list of possible ones, especially if we parked this furniture in the attic of the house. Did you like this inspiration?

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