Wall decoration for children with Maisons du Monde

The decoration of the walls is achieved not only with children’s wallpaper or with bright colors. The truth is that there are endless products to decorate children’s walls, such as those presented in Houses of the world† Charming products ranging from coat racks, mirrors, posters or paintings, even luminescent. Enjoy this small selection and don’t forget to check out their section of children’s wall decoration

A coat rack always comes in handy

We’ll start with something classic and essential, the coat racks. Yes, a nice coat rack is not only functional, remember that the little ones can easily hang their outer clothes, especially if you place them at their height. In addition, there are coat racks that are really decorative.

At Maison du Monde you will find very interesting models. Is your child a dinosaur lover? You may like to hang clothes on the heads of these monstrous creatures.

There are also more traditional options. The typical wooden coat rack and knobs that you can hang anywhere in the room.

Even if you are looking for something original, you should not miss the house-like coat racks. Yes, they are coat racks with a top in the shape of a house that can serve as a shelf.

mirrors to look at

Mirrors are usually the most used decoration in other rooms of the house, but let’s not deprive ourselves of these beautiful products in a child’s room. If you like natural decoration and the nursery in the house has that touch, opt for mirrors with fibers and natural materials such as wicker. Small details that give light and color to the walls.

You will also find nice models, such as the Maisons du Monde mirror that simulates a beautiful canopy-like window. If you open the window you will find the mirror.

Light decoration for the walls

As for light decoration, Houses of the world It offers us endless possibilities. You will find decoration for all types of rooms, regardless of style. For example, you can opt for a beautiful and simple star that fits on any wall and provides a supportive and warm light at night.

If you’re planning to bet on a lit board, Maisons du Monde has quite a few to choose from. In addition, you also have letters that light up. If your child is a lover of rock music, he will no doubt be delighted to have this lamp on top of his shelf.

luminous photos

In addition to illuminated advertisements, Maisons du Monde also finds paintings with light. Yes, beautiful pictures with messages that you can place in every corner of the nursery.

They have very different models, with very different color palettes to match the decor of the nursery.

This type of light paintings is ideal for creating a bright spot in the rooms of very young children. A dimmed light to help them fall asleep.

In addition, they also have those light boxes that came into fashion a few years ago. Light boxes in which the little ones can do different errands every day.

Wall plates and panels

If there is a teenager in the house, they will fall in love with the decorative plates and panels that are in Maisons du Monde. A slightly more irreverent decoration, one that reminds us of an industrial style and even with surfer accents.

These types of plaques or posters can be a perfect addition to a plain wall or can be placed on a shelf to bring it to life.

Original photo frames

The list of decorative items for walls in Houses of the world it’s huge. That’s why we recommend that you take a walk; and it is that besides all these objects you can also find nice photo frames. Frames that highlight that beautiful photo you took last summer or the one your son is going out with his best friend.

Best of all, Maisons du Monde offers many different styles, so it doesn’t matter if your child’s room is more austere, more Scandinavian, vintage or more romantic. There are options for all tastes and styles.

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