What is a baby gym?

No, we don’t mean a gym with a bunch of babies lifting weights. A baby gym is nothing more than a childcare product that our baby lies down through and on which hang some elements such as rattles, dolls and other objects full of colors and varied textures. What is it for now? How should I choose the baby gym? We talk a little about this product and whether it is worth buying one.

What is a baby gym for?

Is it essential? No Is it recommended? Yes; and it’s that the baby gyms are great for the little ones to learn to perform actions with their hands and feet both face up and face down. We can say that these gyms are responsible for improving their psychomotor skills from an early age, stimulating them in a positive way so that they can start moving themselves.

They are recommended for three to six months old babies as it helps them make a connection between actions and reactions. It’s as simple as laying your little one on a blanket (most gyms have a quilted one) and letting them experiment with hanging toys and their hands.

Be careful, especially in the beginning it is important that parents have an active attitude while the baby is playing. Keep in mind that the little one will not know what those hanging things are at first and in addition, they can produce sounds or have different textures.

The interesting thing is to help him little by little until he is the one who is interested in them autonomously. If we don’t encourage, these gyms will bore the little one. Although this happens in practice with most games. Babies can have fun for a while, but they need our help to feel that curiosity. So you can change the position of the hanging toys, move them yourself, make the sounds yourself and most importantly talk to them during the whole process.

How to choose the gym for baby?

The truth is that there are endless models. We can find models that include their quilted blanket or some that simply have the dynamic arc and in which we have to include the soft surface to make them comfortable.

Keep in mind that these gyms help stimulate sensory, cognitive and coordination skills between touch and sight, so the more variety in shapes, colors and textures, the better.

It is very important that the hanging toys are fun and cute and that they do not create fear in the baby. You will quickly notice this in the reaction of the little one. It’s not common for them to be scared, but you have to be vigilant.

While it is true that baby gyms are ideal to put them on their backs, when they get to months we can also put them on their stomachs so they can train their neck and back muscles little by little; And it is that we not only stimulate our son with these products, but also help him strengthen certain parts of his body, so that they can continue to move autonomously in their movements little by little.

Montessori baby gyms

Montessori-style baby gyms are easy to spot because they completely escape materials like plastic. They are usually natural wooden constructions in which various toys hang. Moreover, they are made of natural materials, comfortable for the little ones and, why not say it, really aesthetic.

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