Wooden toys from ASTRUP

the danish house ASTRUP It has many products that we love. However, if we have to choose, we are left with a section of wooden toys. Toys specially made to educate and entertain at the same time. They are ideal for developing cognitive skills, thinking, learning, concentration, memory, learning to solve problems, recognizing, learning about numbers and understanding quantities. Wooden toys for every age that are also a real beauty and that look great in every nursery or playroom.

Wooden stackable tower in the shape of a panda

It is a nice piece of wood that the little ones in the house can enjoy and learn from. A toy that helps them develop hand-eye coordination and solve problems thanks to the placement of the four pieces on the central stick.

The panda has round and smooth shapes and is very decorative, as we can see. So in addition to being an interesting toy to learn, it will also look great in your room.

Files and classification

We love this piece, a sorting game where the child has to move the different shapes to put them in the right place. The little one will have to copy the pattern on the various attached activity cards. It is a form of play, as it is also to follow your own imagination and create patterns as you see fit. This second part ensures that they concentrate and come to a creative solution.

puzzle with animals

Beautiful and eye-catching wooden puzzle that helps the little ones get to know animals little by little. It is a unique opportunity for parents to help them with sounds to better identify animals. To tell them what they eat and where they live.

stacking games

The mythical stacking games are always a good option for younger children. In this case, we find a board made of wood that helps the child to recreate patterns seen on the attached activity cards, or to use their imagination to create other patterns.

This game is great for them to learn about geometric shapes in a fun way. Little by little, introduce them to the different shapes that they will learn later in school, when they are a little older.

On the other hand, we also have the typical game of cubes and letters. If you want your kid to start stacking them at a young age, no problem, but of course they will be much more productive if they can identify some of the letters themselves that we can see. There will come a time when they will even be able to put some words. An absolute classic that we love and that we think should be in every home.

Games for older children

We will also look for different games for slightly older children. For example, we have this one where the little ones start learning fractions. An exciting game that tests your visual skills and helps you understand the world of fractions.

To finish, the piece we like the most, the clock. It is a very fun and educational board full of opportunities to learn to tell the time in a structured and methodical way. Activity cards are also included which make the game more difficult.

Once our little ones have deciphered the hours, they can enjoy looking at the clock and marking the hours themselves.

Without a doubt a good collection of wooden toys that will make the hours of play much more productive.

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