The best 7 Montessori materials from Maisons du Monde

Montessori materials are those materials that help us in self-study. They are materials designed in such a way that the little ones can experiment themselves, manipulate them themselves and thus achieve a unique sensory experience tailored to their needs. According to the Montessori method, these materials are essential so that by using them they can build their own being. Did you know that Maisons du Monde has an extensive catalog of these materials, today we’ll show you what we think is most interesting.

Giraffe Tower Wooden Learning Tower

The wooden learning tower Giraffe tower it is one of those materials based on the Montessori philosophy. An element that promotes the independence and freedom of movement of the smallest in the house.

It is a functional, educational and innovative product that allows children to perform various activities at home, giving them more autonomy. It can be used from 18 months and will be a good material for them to develop skills that will increase their safety and self-esteem as well as their independence.

It has a step and a safety bar that facilitate access to the tower. They will be able to climb it on their own without assistance, so that they will feel safe, next to a stable and resistant base. In addition, the learning tower has 3 different height levels. These levels are adjustable without having to completely disassemble the Montessori learning tower, which is appreciated. This way we can adapt the use to the growth of our child, so that it lasts much longer.

What’s improved with a learning tower?

We improve global motor skills, stimulating a vital capacity for children to develop control over the movements of their entire body. Moreover, it also helps to integrate into their environment through discovery and exploration.

It offers autonomy and freedom, allowing the little one to move freely and decide at all times what to do and when. This works on their independence, one of the didactic goals of this type of Montessori furniture.

It also works on sensory stimulation by experimenting children with everyday tasks such as cooking or cleaning with adults.

Likewise, they also gain self-esteem, as they can observe and do things for themselves, and develop their perseverance and self-confidence. They can deal with different situations of frustration themselves and know how to deal with it.

Finally, this tower also appeals to the imagination, as the same task can be performed in many different ways.

wooden toy parking lot

The parking de jugete Parkloom is one of these Montessori toys that interest us so much. It is a three-level wooden parking lot. A perfect educational toy for children to develop their manual dexterity as well as their spatial imagination.

Parkloom includes a helicopter and airstrip at the top. It also has a spaceship and even an astronaut, as well as two cars.

This beautiful wooden parking lot, because it is also very aesthetic, also has a slide through which you can lower all the cars quickly and fun.

What can we learn from the wooden parking lot?

With this Montessori material there are many points to work on. On the one hand, the little ones experiment with spatial orientation. They will develop the ability to measure measurements, distances and dimensions of things to find their way. In addition, they can place the objects and direct their own movements.

Another aspect that is being worked on is the inspiration of creativity. These games are very useful because they stimulate the creativity of the little ones, who are able to come up with different situations, problems and solutions. In addition, we will give preference to language and socialization.

Finally, it is another one of those toys that stimulate the imagination of children. It promotes creativity while nurturing and guiding your curiosity by facilitating thinking to intelligence.

Multi-position baby carriage

The Lalatruck timber trailer It is a wonderful transport toy that will arouse interest, develop intelligence and improve both operational and thinking skills.

Lalatruck is a fun truck with a double decker trailer. It has a rotating and independent car head that promotes the development of hand-eye coordination, so important at a young age. In addition, it also improves the spatial orientation of children.

With this truck, the little ones become carriers. It has a unique design that is also very decorative.

What can we learn from the wooden trailer?

We learn many things. For example, we stimulate the imagination. This truck is capable of keeping your sense of exploration and adventure. In addition, it educates, enhances and guides children’s imagination while promoting curiosity, enhancing creativity and facilitating intelligence thinking.

It is a toy that also works on motor skills and stimulates these important skills so that the child can gradually master all his movements.

As we mentioned, one of the toy’s strengths is improving hand-eye coordination. This coordination is essential for your hands to function on visual stimuli.

Finally, it also focuses on spatial orientation, being able to control measurements, distances and measures to orientate oneself much better in everyday life.

Montessori wooden ladder

We come to one of our favorite products, the Montessori wooden ladder. This product focuses on our son who makes his own movements. A gym ladder where our little one can climb, climb, descend and play without needing us.

It is a stable 11-step structure that immediately catches the child’s attention and allows him to perform physical exercises easily, without realizing it.

The ladder promotes the development of the child’s motor skills, as well as cognitive skills. We can place it in your room or anywhere in the house, a sporting challenge for older children and a very interesting variety for the little ones.

In addition, we can also work on the imagination; and it is that if we cover the triangular ladder with a blanket, we will make a nice Indian teepee that children can use as a shelter.

Animal puzzle for kids

The puzzle the animals Wild Puzzle is a fun puzzle made from a natural wooden board with holes in the shape of animals. It obviously has their respective pieces with the same shapes to be able to match them together. It is therefore an ideal toy for the little ones. Material that manages to work and exercise aspects such as patience, concentration or hand-eye coordination.

This puzzle will give your baby a first contact with problem solving based on logic and strategy.

It should be noted that puzzles in themselves are ideal toys for children, as they present a challenge to them and greatly improve their visual capacity.

¿Learning Qué with the puzzle of Houses of the World?

For starters, visual memory. It is a game in which this visual memory is continuous, so the child will have to keep the original image to complete it.

A puzzle is capable of developing concentration, something that costs a lot in itself. It will help the little one to improve his concentration as he puts each of the pieces in place. Likewise, it also improves psychomotor skills, as the child has to pick up the pieces with his hand and place them correctly, something related to hand-eye coordination.

The puzzle is also able to promote relaxation. When the little one is focused, he will be able to cope with the stress levels.

It is an activity that also improves children’s self-esteem as they train tolerance for frustration when they see it difficult to complete, as well as satisfaction once they have achieved it. The reward of seeing him armed will boost his confidence and encourage him to keep doing puzzles, which can get more and more complicated.

Montessori rainbows

The rainbow Imagine Rainbow which we can find in Maisons du Monde, is one of the most widely distributed educational games today. It’s hard to see a Montessori room without one of them; and it is that this material is designed to promote the development and skills of the little ones against manipulation and the senses.

The rainbow is made up of 6 different pieces of high-quality wood. Each has different sizes and colors that form a beautiful rainbow. Since it is a modular toy, children’s imagination is not limited and they can build anything they can imagine.

What do we learn with these toys?

Above all, our children will give wings to their creativity. These games greatly stimulate the imagination of children, come up with different situations and solutions and promote the language and socialization of the little ones.

It is also able to promote concentration as the little ones have to learn to place the pieces in a precise place so that they fit well.

We keep your sense of exploration and adventure. We educate, reinforce and guide their teaching so that they can tackle the thinking of intelligence.

This is what we call free play, which is very beneficial for the little ones, because with this type of activity, autonomy and decision-making capacity are developed.

In addition, it will also improve their coordination by picking up and placing the pieces correctly, greatly stimulating hand-eye coordination and training children in thumb and index finger pliers.

scandinavian slide

We end with a great classic, the montessoridia. What child wouldn’t love to have their own slide at home? A slide is also the safest.

With this element, we can create a playground at home so that the little ones can have fun every day, especially those where bad weather prevents us from going outside.

It is a stable construction and has a simple Scandinavian design that suits any type of decoration.

Every child loves to slide. In addition, this slide stimulates the development of motor skills and provides excellent training for the sense of balance, which is essential for the development of the child.

The slide has three comfortable steps that make it easy to climb to the start of the slide. It also has rounded and smooth edges that protect your kids while playing.

The slide also has easily accessible handles that allow for easy and comfortable climbing.

A good product that can be used alone or in combination with other products such as ball pools, play mats or even the Montessori ladder we talked about earlier.

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