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The Montessori method or philosophy focuses on children who learn at their own pace. A child who learns alone learns happily and calmly. Enjoy your autonomy and manage to be much more independent. For this, the game is usually an essential part. Our children discover the world through play. When we think about it, kids play with everything all day long, so incorporating Montessori material into their games for them to experiment can be an excellent decision. We have talked about these materials on other occasions. Today it is the turn of the Montessori signs. In Etsy we find endless interesting options for our little ones. We like it because they are mostly handmade and very aesthetically pleasing.

What are Montessori boards?

loose boards to play It is a toy designed in such a way that little ones can develop certain skills such as problem solving, logic, fine motor skills and creativity.

These boards consist of little mysteries and games that you have to solve yourself. How? With your cognitive abilities.

The use of observation and logic will be essential even at a young age. It is true that at a very young age they can make mistakes or not really understand how the mechanisms of these boards work, but even that is learning as it promotes resilience. Also, trying again will give more patience and perseverance to the little ones, who will test, reason and think about the best solution to these little riddles.

loose montessori boards They are made up of a series of elements that can be very diverse. Mazes, locks, buttons, switches etc. These games also keep manual fine motor skills working constantly; And it is that if the child has to open and close a lock or guide a toy through a maze, he will work on this skill all the time.

What are the advantages of Montessori boards?

The truth is that there is so much educational material for our children that we often don’t know how to choose between one and the other. The truth is also that the activity boards They can have a lot more benefits than we think. Let’s look at a few points in favor of this educational toy.


As we mentioned, these signs put the child in an ideal situation to start using logic. Children have to observe the board and look for hidden objects and help certain pieces move across the surface. All this makes the little ones significantly improve their ability to solve simple problems.

Nice engine

We find pieces of different sizes and games with different movements. The children will touch each of them to try and understand how they work, this will train their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while playing, which is very important for their development.

improve your memory

The memory of the little ones can surprise us. The truth is that even as children they can remember a lot of information and absolutely everything is new. With these signs, the child has to remember certain illustrations and figures that they associate with concepts. A fun way to use memory at a young age.

learning environment

Montessori boards can have many different themes. Some focus on cooking, others on animals, nature, numbers or Montessori space boards. This familiarizes children with their environment and ultimately with life and the world around us.

perseverance and patience

First, children can become more persistent. It’s a quality that interests us because the truth is, it’s something our little ones usually fail at. When something interests them, a small problem or game that they cannot solve, they will keep trying until they reach it, never thinking about giving up. For children, giving up while playing is not an option.

At the same time, we also work on patience, another characteristic that children naturally lack. Through play, they can learn to be patient and internalize this for future experiences.


Many children have a poor ability to maintain attention. This is also possible with this kind of Montessori materials. It’s a skill that will improve as they develop. This toy is ideal for them to make a lot of progress in a completely natural way and without realizing it, because in the end they are playing.

arousal of curiosity

Undoubtedly one of the qualities with which we work most with this type montesorri materials it’s curiosity. If we think about it, for the child everything is absolutely new, the whole world, everything around him. These signs reveal the basic elements that surround you every day. They can discover farm animals, numbers, parts of a kitchen, etc. With these simple signs, we can let kids know what each thing is for. To flip a switch, to know what sound an animal makes and much more.

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