5 IKEA novelties for back to school

IKEA always surprise us with new products. On this occasion, with the return to school, he also wanted to include some novelties that will complete the field of study of our children. We highlight 5 innovations from IKEA that we think are a success and that will lead to a youth desk that is much more organized and ready, so that our little ones can take advantage of their study hours.

LÄRANDE: a desk with pull-out element

The first product is escritorio LEARNa beautiful white desk with pull-out storage compartment that is sturdy enough for the heaviest books and all the stationery your child needs to study.

Many things stand out about this model, starting with the fact that in the removable storage we have shelves on three levels with enough space to store everything from folders to books.

The desk is about 74 cm high, the ideal height according to ergonomic principles so that our children can have a good posture in front of the study. The surface of this table is also really resistant, so it will last a long time.

It has rounded corners for more safety. Likewise, if our son wants to hang post-its or pictures next to the desk, we can also buy the matching SKADIS board, which can be easily fixed to the desk with the standard connector or can be mounted on the wall.

Also interesting is the short side of the desk, which has a metal rod, ideal for hanging things like a backpack.

TORALD: a desk for small spaces

The TORALD desk It is also positioned as one of the most interesting novelties; and it’s that its dimensions mean it can be added to any room, no matter how small. Yes, there are times when the space in children’s rooms is not what we would like, with this desk and chair like SMÄLLEN we have enough space for our children to do their homework in comfort.

Panel perforated SNICKRA

Perforated panels are already a classic at IKEA. On this occasion, the company launches its panel perforated SNICKRAa great alternative in a beautiful gray-green color that also includes various accessories.

Magnets can be stuck to the board, so it’s a very convenient place to leave everything from stationery to notes that our kids need to remember.

desk organizers

As for organizing desktops, there are many new features that can be useful to us. Everything will depend on the type of study we have and how the decor of our nursery is.

For slightly older children, the NIMM organizer can be a good option. An organizer in black that gives a certain classic and elegant look. In addition, we also have the PLUGGLAND organizer which is a perfect industrial touch for any desk.

This latest collection also includes boxes with matching lids. Three different ways to pack everything from pens to erasers.

mobile holders

Many of our children already own a cell phone, and while we should avoid using it as much as possible while studying, it’s likely that they’ll want to supplement this new return-to-study collection with a cell phone support like the one offered by the PLUGGLAND series.

Another option is the KRUBBET Mobile Standwhich is a nice metal chair that can be placed at the table while the mobile is charging and our kids are studying.

These are just some of the novelties of this season from IKEA, the truth is that, as always, there are many more.

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